Zakharova opposed the confiscation of Zelensky’s property in Crimea

Reuters previously reported that Zelensky's wife bought an elite apartment in Crimea in 2013. When asked about the possibility of seizing the property of the President of Ukraine, Zakharova said that she “does not see anything normal in the seizure of property”

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, spoke out against the confiscation of real estate without legal grounds, including from the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. She stated this at the event “Battle of Speakers”, which takes place in Yekaterinburg.

“I do not see anything normal in taking property when there is no legal basis for it. Especially when it is part of an information campaign,»— Zakharova said, answering the question of whether, in response to the arrest of the Italian villa of TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, the same could be done with Zelensky's real estate in Crimea.

The fact that the elected president of Ukraine has real estate in Crimea was previously reported by Reuters. According to the agency, Zelensky's wife Elena in 2013 bought an elite apartment from a Ukrainian businessman and former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Buryak in the Imperator residential complex. on the Black Sea coast. The material said that in 2012 the market value of 1 square. m in the complex was estimated at $2.8-4 thousand, however, according to data from open sources, the cost of buying a home was $163.8 thousand (equivalent to approximately $1.263 thousand per square meter).

In response to this, Zelensky's headquarters stated that his wife purchased the property at a market price and according to the law, all taxes and fees were paid after the transaction, and Zelensky himself officially declared the housing.

In March, La Repubblica reported that the Italian authorities seized Solovyov's property, which fell under EU sanctions. It was about two villas of a journalist on Lake Como. In 2019, Solovyov confirmed that he has a house in Italy, which he bought at his own expense. Later, the TV presenter clarified that he had “not one” in the country; house.

As Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio previously reported, since the beginning of the Russian special operation in the country, property of sanctioned Russians worth €900 million has been seized.

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