Why is vacation being forced to plan a year in advance?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 51. How much does it cost to celebrate the New Year? 12/22/2021

The Human Resources Department requires that the dates of the leave in 2022 be announced in December. At the same time, the administration will not allow the leave to be postponed. It is legal? With such a life, you don't know what tomorrow will be. What are your plans for the year ?!

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& ndash; The Labor Code obliges employers to plan holidays in December. This is done in the interests of the employees, since to refuse to provide the vacation included in the schedule, the employer then has no right, & ndash; says Vyacheslav Filippov, legal adviser of the personnel department of the Higher School of Economics . & ndash; Only certain categories of citizens can choose a convenient rest time for themselves & ndash; for example, parents with three or more minor children. The rest are obliged to coordinate their wishes with the management, including on the transfer of vacation days. If there is a production need, employees are required to rest exactly on the days that were planned. There are also strict requirements as to which parts it is permissible to divide the annual leave into. One part must be at least 14 calendar days.

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