When will meteorological spring come to Moscow?

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A stable transition of the average daily temperature to zero in Moscow is expected around March 15–17. It is reported by “Evening Moscow” with reference to the leading specialist of the weather center «Phobos» Mikhail Leus.

He added that according to the new climatic norms, spring usually comes to Moscow around March 20–22.

 Why have weather forecasters not yet recorded a meteorological spring in Moscow, despite the warm weather?

According to the weather forecaster, the weather in the capital is sunny and dry, but at night it is still quite frosty. “On average, the temperature will be slightly above normal, and the birds are singing cheerfully, and the snow cover is actively decreasing. From this point of view, we can talk about the arrival of spring, », — Leus added.

However, weather forecasters call meteorological spring the weather in which the average daily air temperature steadily passes through zero towards positive marks. 

What will the weather be like in Moscow in the coming days?

According to the Phobos weather center, on Saturday, March 5, partly cloudy weather is predicted, the air temperature — 0°-2°C. Atmospheric pressure is within normal limits.

On Sunday, March 6, the city will have partly cloudy weather, at night the air temperature will be -3…-5°C, in the afternoon — 0…-2°C.

On Monday, March 7, partly cloudy and light snow will be in the afternoon in Moscow. At night, the thermometers will drop to -4…-6°C. The day will be — -1…+1°C.

On Tuesday, March 8, partly cloudy and light snow are also predicted, fog is possible. At night and during the day, the air temperature will be -3…-5°C.

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