What to do if you are late for your flight?

Check-in for the flight ends 40 & ndash; 60 minutes before departure, and boarding & nbsp; & mdash; 15 to 25 minutes before departure. To check in your luggage on time and go through customs & nbsp; and passport control, & nbsp; you should & nbsp; arrive & nbsp; two hours before the departure of a domestic flight and three hours before an international one. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

What to do if you understand that you are late for the plane, read the material AiF.ru.

What should the passenger do?

If you are late for the airport due to traffic jams, highway closures, etc. and you understand that & nbsp; check-in for your flight ends, you should: & nbsp;

1. Check in for a flight on the way to the airport

You can check in for a flight in the mobile application or on the airline's website. After that, you will receive a boarding pass with a QR code on your mobile phone, which you need to present at the counter when you drop off your baggage at the airport, when boarding the aircraft and to the flight attendants upon entering the plane.

You can save your mobile boarding pass in several ways:

  • using email;
  • using the Passbook or Wallet apps (for iOS);
  • using Google Pay or Pass2u apps (for Android).

However, some airports may not accept mobile boarding passes. So, Vnukovo Airport stopped accepting electronic boarding from December 10, 2019, since they do not allow you to go through all the stages of control without presenting a passport. Therefore, after online check-in, passengers need to print a boarding pass or receive it at the airport. & Nbsp;

In addition, in the context of a pandemic, some airports of arrival do not support online check-in technology. For example, mobile and online check-in of passengers departing from the airports of Alicante (ALC), Barcelona (BCN), Berlin (BER), Warsaw (WAW), Hamburg (HAM), Hanover (HAJ), Dusseldorf (DUS), Munich is temporarily impossible. (MUC), Rome (FCO), Frankfurt (FRA), Stuttgart (STR), London airport (LHR).

Also, on certain directions of flights, there may be special conditions for online check-in. So, for example, in Domodedovo, when boarding flights to Osh and Khujand, you cannot do without a paper boarding board. The terms of use of & nbsp; mobile (electronic) boarding passes can be found on the websites or in the help services of airlines.

2. & nbsp; Call the airline and find out if it is possible to exchange a ticket for a different time and date.

The representative of the airline should inform you that you will not fly on this flight, but at the same time you will use the rest of the flights on the ticket. him & mdash; return flight and all connecting flights.

If you notify the airline representative in advance, you can get a partial refund or the opportunity to rebook the flight for another date with a small surcharge. & nbsp;

It so happens that the ticket cannot be returned, but it is possible for an additional charge to change the route, date or tariff. Some tickets can be returned by paying a fee only. The possibility of & nbsp; refund or exchange of a ticket depends on the tariff at which it was purchased. & Nbsp; If this is a refundable tariff, then the ticket can be exchanged or refunded for it, and if the tariff is non-refundable, & nbsp; the ticket can be returned only for a good reason. The full cost of the non-refundable fare will be refunded to you if the airline has not fulfilled its obligations or if you have a force majeure associated with illness or death of family members. It is necessary to inform the carrier about the forced refund of the ticket before the end of check-in for the flight.

3. In the car, put the necessary minimum of things in your hand luggage.

If on the way to the airport you realize that you are late for your flight, put your important things in your carry-on luggage, and give your suitcase to friends or family who see you off. & Nbsp; This way you will not waste time checking your baggage. If there are no acquaintances nearby, and the luggage cannot be taken as hand luggage on the plane, run directly to the self-service baggage drop-off counter. If there is a queue, ask politely to let you go ahead. & Nbsp; You will not be able to check in your baggage yourself if you:

  • fly with your pet;
  • carry ski equipment;
  • stroller;
  • if your baggage is overweight & nbsp; (except for business class passengers).

Luggage can also be checked in to the luggage room, however, it will cost a lot: & nbsp; the price of a cell at Russian airports starts, on average, from 500 rubles for the first day. For each subsequent day, the storage price is usually lower & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; about 250-300 rubles.

4. Go to the special counter for late passengers & nbsp; & nbsp;

If you are late for check-in, run to the counter for late passengers and try to check-in. & Nbsp; Sometimes you will need to pay extra for such express check-in, but often this service is free. & Nbsp; The decision to check-in a latecomer or not depends on some factors: how far is the gate whether it is necessary to check in luggage, whether the lists of passengers have already been transferred to the dispatcher. & nbsp;

What to do at the & nbsp; airport if you still have time to board?

If you are not late for your flight, but there is very little time before departure, you should: & nbsp;

1. Make sure that there is no water in your hand luggage in a bottle with a volume of more than 100 ml, scissors and other items prohibited for transportation in order to avoid delays during security.

2. Ask to pass you ahead. If you are stuck in the check-in queue, go to the airline employee: those who are late are registered without a queue. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

3. & nbsp; If 40 minutes are left before departure, you can use the Fast Track service (the service implies going through all the formalities: check-in for a flight, customs and passport control in an accelerated mode and without queues, & nbsp; is available only at large airports). It is better to book the service online or by phone while driving to the airport or standing in the check-in queue. & Nbsp;

4. & nbsp; In the departure area, double-check the gate number on the scoreboard. The boarding gate is indicated on the boarding pass, but the gate can be changed at any time, so it should be & nbsp; checked on the scoreboard, since changes are not always announced over the speakerphone.

What to do if you & nbsp; miss your boarding?

Delay in registration, passport and customs control is not considered a valid reason & nbsp; (p. 90, 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations). However, if you arrived on time, checked in and dropped off your luggage, but are still late due to long queues & nbsp; due to the airport's fault, then you & nbsp; can send a certified letter to the airline or to the name of the airport manager demanding reimbursement of your expenses. & Nbsp;

If a written refusal follows, you can go to court. To do this, it is better to hire an experienced lawyer who will represent you in court, while you can also recover the costs of his services.

When filing a claim, you should & nbsp; collect as much evidence as possible. These may be witnesses of a protracted search, recordings of CCTV cameras, your video filming of the search. You should also keep all receipts for additional costs incurred if, for example, you had to check into a hotel while waiting for your next flight or buy a new ticket.

You can also file a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor and the prosecutor's office.

What to do if I miss my connecting flight?

If your flight is delayed, as a result of which you are late for the next flight, then the responsibility will be borne by the air carrier, through whose fault it happened. The airline should offer an alternative to & mdash; a ticket for another flight to your destination and food stamps. If this happened during an international flight, you can also claim compensation. According to & nbsp; EU Regulation No. 261/2004 and the Montreal Convention. & Nbsp; The amount of payments ranges from 125 to 600 euros and depends on the flight distance and delay time. You can calculate the compensation using a calculator.

When it comes to flights to Russia, then the airline will either simply refund the money for the ticket, or will transport you on an alternative flight. It is unlikely that it will be possible to receive compensation for flights within the country: the law only provides for payment of up to 250 rubles per hour of delay.

If you are late for the “ connection '' through your own fault, you will need to rebook your ticket for another flight on your own, while, depending on the conditions of the fare, you may be partially refunded or not refunded the ticket price at all. & nbsp;




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