What is known about the case against an FSO officer over a bribe of 20 million rubles?

On January 14, the 235th garrison military court will begin to consider the merits of the case of a former employee of the capital construction department of the engineering and technical support service of the Federal Security Service (FSO), Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Golokhvostov . He is accused of taking a bribe of 20 million rubles. & Nbsp;

Golokhvostov was detained by officers of the Main Military Investigative Directorate (GVSU) of the TFR on December 29, 2020. On the same day, the lieutenant colonel was charged with accepting a bribe on an especially large scale (part 6 of article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). & Nbsp;

At the moment, criminal cases have been initiated against Golokhvostov on the grounds of crimes under Part 6 of Art. 290 (“ Taking a bribe on an especially large scale ''), part 3 of Art. 291.1 (“ Bribery Mediation '') and Part 3 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (“ Fraud using one's official position ''). The former FSO officer denies his guilt.

What is Golokhvostov accused of? & Nbsp;

According to the investigation, Golokhvostov received a bribe for concealing violations during the construction and reconstruction of facilities on the territory of the residence of the President of Russia.

As stated in the materials of the case, with the text of which TASS got acquainted, the lieutenant colonel is accused of accepting a bribe of 20 million rubles from the former director of the Stroykomplekt company Dmitry Torchinsky … In addition, Golokhvostov is accused of receiving money from LLC Petersburg Renaissance. Both organizations were engaged in the construction and reconstruction of the objects of the residence of the President of the Russian Federation in Novo-Ogarevo. For bribes, they sought to conceal violations during the creation of these objects.

Golokhvostov was brought to criminal responsibility after the testimony of the ex-director of the Stroykomplekt company Dmitry Torchinsky and his deputy. While under arrest in the case of a particularly large embezzlement, they entered into a pre-trial cooperation agreement and said that they had given bribes to FSO officers, including Golokhvostov. & Nbsp;

Torchinsky became a defendant in a criminal case of embezzlement on an especially large scale (part 4 of article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) in March 2017. According to the investigation, in December 2012 the FSO signed a contract for 5.7 billion rubles with the Ateks enterprise. For this money, a reception house, a hotel with a gym, a commandant's office, a garage, a hangar for storing park equipment, a checkpoint and a boiler room were to be erected in Novo-Ogaryovo. However, the company and its subcontractors did not complete the work on time, moreover, the owners of construction companies stole almost 1.3 billion rubles, overstating the cost of work, materials and purchased goods.

Who was involved in the theft case? & Nbsp;

Among the many defendants in the criminal case, which was opened in 2017, five businessmen & mdash; head of the construction company Baltstroy Dmitry Sergeev , top managers of the “ Klimat Prof '' company Sergey Perevalov and Alexander Rodionov , General Director of Stroyfasad Stanislav Kuehner and the head of the Stroykomplekt company Dmitry Torchinsky.

Later the billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko and the former head of the FSO engineering and technical support service, Major General Igor Vasiliev , the former head of FSUE “ ; Atex & raquo; Andrey Kaminov , head of the department of engineering and technical support of the intelligence service, Colonel Dmitry Ulitin and the former general director of the company Climate Prof; Boris Maltsev .

Cases of entrepreneurs were separated into a separate production. Kuehner and Torchinsky admitted their guilt. As a result, in October 2020, the Moscow City Court sentenced Torchinsky to five years in a general regime colony and a fine of 350 thousand rubles. And to Kühner, the First Court of Appeal reduced the sentence from eight to six years in prison.

Rodionov also pleaded guilty. He received three years in a general regime colony with a fine of 500 thousand rubles for embezzlement.

The criminal case against other defendants who plead not guilty is currently pending before the Second Western District Military Court.



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