“We will immediately run away”: the British spoke about the war with Russia

Residents of the United Kingdom reproached their Secretary of Defense for “squandering” power

The Times & nbsp; readers commented on the sensational interview of the head of the British General Staff, General Nick Carter, who said that between the West and Russia a full-scale military conflict could occur due to “ chance ''. Carter also stressed that the situation is even more tense now than during the Cold War, as the rules have changed, and the world has turned from bipolar to multipolar.

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The background for these statements by Carter was the situation on the border of Poland and Belarus, where thousands of migrants are trying to get into the EU, and, as many in the West believe, Russia is again to blame for this. Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defense has sent a group of military men to the border of the two countries, who are supposed to suggest solutions to Polish specialists.

Many Western readers & ndash; the British and Americans were unhappy with Carter's statements. As long as Putin leads Russia, there is no 'accidental war' will not. He knows exactly what he is doing, '' “This is ridiculous! We will immediately run away to hell at the first mention of a possible participation in the war against Russia. We only have one tank left, an aircraft carrier that is not performing well, and three old fighters, “” We love wars. ” just let these wars go further from our borders, '' readers write.

However, Carter got it not only for aggravating the situation, but also for the reforms, which resulted in the reduction of the British army, as noted by some British .

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