US proposes new UN sanctions over North Korean missile launches

The United States proposed to introduce new UN sanctions for missile launches of the DPRK According to the US Ambassador to the UN, the DPRK has launched six ballistic missiles since September 21 last year. UN sanctions against the DPRK due to missile launches were first introduced in 2006 by Security Council resolution

The US has proposed to introduce new UN sanctions for missile launches of the DPRK, said the country's permanent representative to the international organization Linda Thomas -Greenfield.

“ In addition to today's US State and Treasury sanctions, the United Nations is proposing UN sanctions after North Korea has launched six ballistic missile launches since September 2021, '' & mdash; Thomas-Greenfield wrote on Twitter, noting that each of the launches violates UN Security Council resolutions.

On January 12, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against the Russian company Parsec, its employee Roman Alar, and six North Korean citizens living in Russia and China. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken blamed Parsec in his statement in participating in the supply of goods to North Korea for its missile program.

On January 11, South Korea announced the DPRK's launch of an “ unknown projectile. '' The Japanese government suggested that North Korea launched a ballistic missile. After that, the DPRK announced that it had successfully tested a hypersonic missile that flew 1,000 km and accurately hit the target.


On January 5, South Korea and Japan also announced the launch of the DPRK in the side of the Sea of ​​Japan of an unidentified missile, which could be a ballistic missile.

In 2006, the UN Security Council for the first time adopted a resolution condemning the missile tests carried out by the DPRK. The document demanded from all UN members not to allow the import to the DPRK or the export from there of missiles, related materials and technologies that can be used in the production of weapons of mass destruction. Since then, the sanctions of the international organization have been expanded several times.

In 2020, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet called for the weakening or suspension of sanctions against some countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including the DPRK.

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