Tyler, The Creator – 435 lyrics

Yeah, Ayo

I put the feline in my hair
Looking like a cheetah pet
And you know they getting green
If a flower on their neck
If a flower on their neck
Hit clancy on the text
I ain’t tryna check a bag
Can we get another jet?
I ain’t gas niggas up
But that fuel is 50 grand
Passionfruit in Dominican Rupublic
Had me dripping in the sand
New nigga from New York
Ima give him sticky hands
Sticky fingers from the green
Jasper playing with them grams
They was playing at the grams
One nom ain’t enough
I’m a make sure that that shit don’t happen again
Golf boys, it’s them golf boys
In that 12 seater wings looking like a hawk boy
Getting to the paper better reup on the chalk board
Because the student turned into the teacher
Don’t talk boy, class in session
1-5, I’m a 7
I’m a god nigga ask your reverend
And that crib in Bel-Air is heaven
Hot-coco outta chinas nigga pass the beverage
Comme de on that hombre
Haters with the long face
New whip is pirelli tire’d like a long day
Big dollars, the scent Prada
Skinny nigga also big poppa, women they adore me
If you see me out in public, no pictures don’t record me
I dont really fuck with yall nigga, selfish at the orgy

One take

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