Treasures in the album. What postage stamps can be sold for big money?

Love for philately, otherwise — collecting stamps — continues to captivate many people. Although, of course, the  popularity that this hobby had in Soviet times, the current collecting is far away. decided to find out: what brands are expensive and can can make something on  ;parent vintage album.

It is noteworthy that now collectors appreciate not only vintage lots, but also some modern postage marks. Check out the home archives — perhaps an expensive exhibit was lost somewhere in old letters.

Schoolchildren played with stamps at breaks

In the mid-1960s, an unprecedented interest in collecting postage stamps arose in the USSR. Printing houses produced millions of copies of these state signs.

                tells philatelist Sergey Kulakov. — They were exchanged with friends or played on recession. Principle: hit the  stack of stamps with his palm if they turned over — you take away, then the turn passes to another. With this approach, many stamps turned out to be crumpled, dirty, not quite in „collectible“ condition», — says the expert.

These stamps even got their name “School Collection”. After the collapse of the USSR, unused stocks remained in the warehouses, and the general interest in philately faded. “It turned out that huge print runs turned out to be unclaimed, and the stamps were sold by weight, at the price of paper», — Sergey says.

Philatelist Sergei Kulakov. Photo from personal archive

Old — doesn't mean “expensive”

The larger the circulation of the brand — the harder it is to sell it. Therefore, with respect to popular postage marks, philatelists are more often interested not in  piece objects, but in annual sets.

“Almost any Soviet stamp from the 80s can now be bought for 10 rubles, and canned for for a ruble» , — says the expert.

Which Soviet stamps are the most valuable?

According to philatelist Kulakov, stamps that were issued before 1941 are considered the most valuable. The reason is obvious: some of these postal signs were irretrievably lost during the war years. And, of course, each object must be evaluated individually.

“Pre-war stamp”

The value of a brand is influenced by its history of appearance on the market, as well as personal reasons of rarity, up to curious cases that happened during production.

So, for example, in & nbsp; albums you can find a valuable brand “Limonka” or “Lithographic Pilot” 1925 & nbsp; When making a stamp with a face value of 15 kopecks (“Limonki”), the punching machine fell into disrepair. In order not to disrupt the delivery of postage stamps, the management of Goznak decided to send this batch on time. It was a small issue that wandered around the remote regions of the USSR. Stamps on envelopes that have gone through the mail, or on cut-outs of such envelopes, are of particular value.

«That is, theoretically — to find in the  family archive a stack of letters with  envelopes of those years is quite real», — expert notes.


We also advise you to look in & nbsp; in search of the “Blue Gymnast” brand, released for the & nbsp; 40th anniversary of the Soviet circus. True, this copy never appeared in mass circulation of the brand, but fell into the sphere of the party elite as as a souvenir. Now it is valued at tens of thousands of dollars.

“Blue gymnast”

A here is an expensive stamp of 1941 “People's Militia” find in & nbsp; old albums is quite real. Although this lot is rare.

“People's militia”

How to evaluate a stamp yourself?

“There are various catalogs of postage stamps, which, as a rule, indicate information about issue, including technical data: about printing methods, circulation. There there is also a market valuation for each brand, and the valuation of the same object may differ», — says the expert.

The most popular are general directories of all countries of the world — Michel, Scott, Yvert — there are also purely Russian editions: catalogs of postage stamps under various editions — Soloviev, Zagorsky, Mareskin, Zverev.

And, of course, in modern world brand can be assessed online. For example, on market places where they sell collectibles — Bag.Ru, Auction.Ru.

“Such sites bring together many sellers, the analysis of whose offers and  gives an understanding of the real market value of a particular postage stamp, — philatelist Kulakov advises.

What affects the cost?

According to the expert, the price also depends on whether it is a clean stamp or a used one (the  postmark).

Some catalogs give a special rating for quarter blocks — couplers from four grades, small sheets (a special form of production of some brands), options for various marriages are taken into account in the production — printing defects, missing perforations, etc.

Are modern stamps worth anything?

Postage stamps of modern Russia continue to replenish the collections of philatelists. According to Sergey, the most popular among collectors is the issue of 2002-2008 — “Palace and park ensembles”. Reason: this is the first standard that was issued under Vladimir Putin in the position of the President of the Russian Federation. Among collectors, the issue is called — “Putin's Palaces”.

In this series is of great rarity, and and therefore, and value, is the postage stamp “Marfino”, with a face value of 3 rubles and with inverted (mirror) perforation.

Postage stamp “Marfino”. Source: personal archive of Sergey Kulikov

“Since 2005, the stamp has been periodically met by philatelists in a canceled form on the postal items, but it was not possible to find such a stamp in its pure form until 2012. At the moment, there are about 30 surviving pure specimens of this variety, most of which are in serious collections in Russia and abroad  — says the expert. — There is a reason to look into your albums — suddenly you are lucky and you can find this rarity. Even in the  stuffed form, such a brand is quite expensive» — says the expert.

For comparison: now on website "" canceled mark «Marfino» on           exhibited     “There is information that last year one of the 30 known clean“ copies was sold for 150,000 rubles, then it is 50,000 times more expensive than postage cost» , — says the expert.

Witnesses of change

On the value of "palaces" the technical side of history also influences: these stamps were the first to be produced on self-adhesive paper, and the decline of the era of “licking” began; postage stamps. Moreover, the very first issues were printed in France, but "Gosznak" quickly set up production in Russia. Then brands with enhanced protection technology appeared.

“It's not for nothing that stamps are called” postal money “. In the process of printing new circulations by the specialists of „Gosznak“ technological features were introduced that influenced the emergence of new options. Russian standard brands at the moment are among the  most protected in the world!», — the expert notes.

Only connoisseurs lick

According to Sergey, brands can be divided into two categories — standard, which are produced in mass circulation, are used by mail to confirm payment for shipments. They are now available only in the form of self-adhesives. And there is a second category — fiction, they are also called "commemorative", they are released to commemorative dates or as part of thematic series. or “Fauna”, are issued in a limited edition and are intended mainly for collectors, although, of course, if desired, they can also pay for postage. ; with adhesive layer on the reverse side, which must be “licked” before gluing, — concludes the expert.

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