Tokayev instructed to temporarily introduce regulation of prices for gas, gasoline and diesel

Tokayev instructed to temporarily introduce state regulation of prices for liquefied gas, gasoline and diesel The measure will be valid for 180 days. The President pointed out that prices for the population in the regions should not exceed the level at the end of last year. The decision was made against the background of protests that began due to the rise in gas prices

Presidential residence” Ak-Orda ” (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev ordered to introduce temporary state regulation of prices for liquefied gas, as well as gasoline and diesel. This is reported in a statement following a meeting on the socio-economic situation in the country.

“ I instruct the antimonopoly authority … to introduce temporary price regulation of prices for liquefied gas for a period of 180 calendar days. In the regions, the maximum prices for the population should not exceed the price level at the end of last year, '', & mdash; said the head of state.


In addition, he instructed the government to postpone the full transition to the sale of liquefied gas through electronic trading platforms for a year. “ During this period, it is necessary to carefully prepare the regulatory framework, ensure the transparent operation of trading floors, introduce mechanisms to limit the sharp rise in prices, '' & mdash; the president emphasized.

The Prosecutor General's Office and the Agency for the Protection of Competition were instructed to promptly investigate the price collusion and report the results within 20 days.

Tokayev approved a set of measures proposed by a government commission created to resolve the situation in the Mangistau region, where the protests began. The statement does not specify exactly what measures are being discussed.

Protests in the country erupted after the price of automobile gas doubled on January 1: from 60 tenge (10.2 rubles) to 120 tenge ( 20.4 rubles) per liter.

On Tuesday, the president announced that the price of a liter of gas in Mangistau region would be reduced to 50 tenge, but the protests did not stop after that.

Particularly violent there were riots in Alma-Ata. There, the security forces used flash-bang grenades against the demonstrators. Military equipment was sent to the streets of the city.

On Wednesday night Tokayev introduced a state of emergency in Alma-Ata and Mangistau region. It envisages a curfew, restrictions on entry and exit and other measures that will be in effect until January 19.

The country's government has resigned, but will continue to fulfill its duties until the new composition is approved.

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