Those who got rich when the elbasy should help the people. The main thing from the words of Tokayev

Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev spoke in parliament, proposing a reform program in the country after the riots provoked by rising prices for liquefied gas. The main statements of the head of state are in the RBC review

Withdrawal of the CSTO peacekeeping forces

  • Withdrawal of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) peacekeepers from Kazakhstan, designed to guard critical facilities infrastructure, will begin on January 13th. “ The acute phase of the counter-terrorist operation has passed, the situation in all regions is stable & lt; … & gt ;. The main mission of the CSTO peacekeeping force has been successfully completed. In two days, will begin the phased withdrawal of the united CSTO peacekeeping contingent . The withdrawal process of the contingent will take no more than ten days '', & mdash; Tokayev said.
  • Kazakhstan was attacked by terrorist forces that took advantage of the protests, and the National Security Committee (KNB) of Kazakhstan “ could not and did not want to ''; see this critical threat … “ Not everyone was faithful to their duty. In a number of cities, the heads of departments of the National Security Committee, despite a sufficient military arsenal, without engaging in battle, left the service building, leaving weapons and secret documentation there, '' & mdash; said the President.
  • Alma-Ata and other regional centers affected by the riots will be rebuilt as soon as possible . “ This is my personal responsibility and that of the government, '' & mdash; Tokayev said. A special task force will sort out the riots.

Redistribution of income of the oligarchy and political reforms

  • After the completion of the counter-terrorist operation, the law enforcement bodies of Kazakhstan are awaiting reform . Tokayev calls this his first priority. It is necessary to increase the fighting efficiency of the country's power structures, provide them with new equipment, establish coordination between departments, and make them more independent in making decisions. It is also necessary to provide legal protection by increasing the punishment for attacks on security forces. In addition, law enforcement officers will increase their salaries.
  • According to Tokayev, it is necessary to prevent the coalescence of religious extremism with criminals , especially in institutions of the correctional system. “ We are faced with the challenge of restructuring community activities, including external, domestic and international intelligence, '' & mdash; he said.
  • One of the key points of the president's speech is & mdash; about beneficiaries of the established political system … According to him, these are financial and oligarchic groups. “ Thanks to the first president '' elbasy, a group of very profitable companies and a layer of people rich even by international standards have appeared in the country, '' & mdash; said Tokayev. Now “ the time has come to pay tribute to the people of Kazakhstan and help them on a systematic and regular basis. ''
  • “ The government will have to determine the range of companies and agree with them the amount of annual contributions to the fund. In addition, I expect active participation from those persons who, in fact, possessing huge funds, remain in the shadows, '' & mdash; the president said.
  • In addition, according to him, it is necessary to revise the work of the system of state support for the economy and the Development Bank of Kazakhstan , which, “ in fact, has become to a personal bank for a select circle of persons representing financial, industrial and construction groups. '' All those involved in this are known by their surnames.
  • Tokayev also instructed to conduct an audit of the Samruk-Kazyna investment fund , whose mission is to improve the national well-being of Kazakhstan, and all its structural divisions. If the fund cannot be reformed, the economy of Kazakhstan will be better off without it, the president said.
  • Due to the risk of unreasonable withdrawal of capital abroad, it is also necessary to check the withdrawal of funds of certain financial and industrial groups .
  • Tokayev also ordered the government to stop scrapping “ Operator of the EPR '', since this should be done by the state. Now, car manufacturers, official importers and individuals wishing to import cars to Kazakhstan are obliged to pay such a fee.
  • The salaries of deputies, members of the government and local administrations (akims) are now “ quite sufficient '' therefore they will be frozen and will not be promoted for the next five years … The salaries of other public sector employees will grow. Corruption and formalism flourish when applying for the civil service, while the principles of meritocracy should be adhered to so that the civil service is accessible to every citizen.
  • An expensive light rail project in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan (LRT) has become a serious problem that damages the country's reputation. This project was initially flawed and had a “ scent of corruption. '' The problem must be solved with the participation of domestic and foreign architects.

Solving social problems and overcoming poverty

  • The government has to develop a system to increase incomes of the population and measures to prevent poverty.
  • The country also needs changes in education … Tokayev believes that in Kazakhstan by 2025 it is necessary to open at least five branches of foreign universities. Two of them, with a technical bias, need to be opened in the west of the country (it was there that the first protests related to the rise in fuel prices broke out).
  • Tokayev also instructed to create a special fund that will deal with education assistance , healthcare and other social initiatives, as well as children with rare diseases. Information about him should be open to the public, private and public sources will finance the work of the fund.
  • The president promised to present a detailed program of political transformations in the country in September.

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