The United States will increase military assistance to Ukraine in the event of aggression from Russia

Biden warned Putin about increasing military aid to Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion Joe Biden informed Vladimir Putin about the possible supply of additional military equipment to Kiev. On Tuesday, the presidents of the two countries held an online summit, where they discussed the situation in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during a videoconference that the United States would step up military assistance to Ukraine in the event of an invasion Russia, Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan said. His speech was broadcast by the White House.

“ We will provide additional military equipment to Ukraine in addition to what we have already supplied to it '', & mdash; Sullivan said.

In November, CNN wrote about US plans to send weapons to Ukraine due to reports of a concentration of Russian troops on the border. It was about a new batch of Javelin anti-tank missile systems, mortars, Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile systems and Mi-17 helicopters purchased from Russia.

On Tuesday, the heads of the two states held an online summit. The central topic of discussion was the situation in Ukraine. At the end of October & mdash; In early November, Western media began to publish information about the allegedly impending Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Associated Press reported on December 4 that the offensive would take place in early 2022. The German edition Bild published a plan for this offensive, describing two of its scenarios. The Russian side has repeatedly denied such accusations.

Biden warned Putin during videoconference of possible “ decisive '' sanctions against Russia in the event of an armed conflict in Ukraine. He pointed to 'threatening' the nature of the movement of Russian troops near the Ukrainian borders.

Putintzhe urged not to shift the responsibility for the current situation onto Russia, “ since it is NATO that is making dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory. ''

Among the sanctions, which the United States can impose against Russia in the event of its invasion of Ukraine, Bloomberg called restrictions on the conversion of rubles into other currencies. CNN wrote that at the very least, Russia could be disconnected from the interbank SWIFT system.

US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland said during a hearing at the House Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday that the US was considering sanctions that “ will completely cut off Russia from the world financial system. '' Nuland added that Washington is counting on measures from Berlin regarding Nord Stream. 2 '' in the event of a Russian offensive against Ukraine.

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