The results of the parliamentary elections in France called a warning to European politicians

The search for a compromise with the new composition of the government will become more difficult

On June 19, it became known that the coalition of French President Emmanuel Macron “Together!” did not receive an absolute majority of seats in the National Assembly in the second round of parliamentary elections. Political scientist Yuri Svetov believes that without the advantage in parliament of the ruling party, it will be more difficult for Macron to promote unpopular reforms.

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In an interview with Vechernyaya Moskva, Svetov explained that during the presidential elections Macron managed to stop the questions that the French had for him. In particular, this concerns questions about the standard of living and problems against the background of support for sanctions against Russia. According to the political scientist, the current president managed to reverse this trend, since Marine Le Pen became the main enemy. The expert noted that Macron played the game for the second time, that the French would collapse if they got Le Pen, but after the presidential elections there were no prospects for improving the situation.

In addition, according to Svetov, the French see Macron's involvement in the conflict in Ukraine and think that Ukrainians are more important for the president than their own people. The expert clarified that in the parliamentary elections, French citizens had the opportunity not to choose between “good and evil”, as was the case in the presidential elections.

The political scientist explained that Macron managed to gain an advantage in the elections and the most mandates, but not an absolute majority in parliament, and the number of mandates has significantly decreased compared to the previous elections. Moreover, according to Svetov, Mélenchon, who shared second and third place with Le Pen in the presidential election, has now received second place, and the French, who criticize the current government, have supported Le Pen. The expert was amazed at her results, noting that third place would allow her to create a faction and solve some problems.

According to the political scientist, for the previous five years, the authorities could dictate something, to which the “yellow vests” movement received, but now it won’t work out like that. Svetov believes that it will be difficult to push through, he will have to give in, Le Pen will not meet halfway, and it is difficult to agree with Mélenchon, and he may demand payment, which may even be the post of prime minister.

In addition, the political scientist noted that the situation in France is a warning to many politicians in the EU countries. In particular, according to Svetov, this concerns German Chancellor Scholz and his party, since elections to the parliaments of the states are planned in Germany. And also, as the expert noted, this is a serious “call” for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who after some time may resign, despite the vote won in the party after the vote of no confidence announced.

Svetov believes that the French government will have to reckon with the fact that many French people are dissatisfied with the amount of money that is being spent on Ukraine. The expert does not believe that this will affect the country's behavior regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, since Mélenchon also supports Ukraine, and in any case, the key position is set by the United States. The political scientist added that the French are allowed a little initiative, but it's like a game of good and evil investigator, where France plays the role of a good investigator. However, according to Svetov, when it comes to sanctions, they are “right there”, and the country is also demonstrating its readiness to supply weapons.

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