The President of the Russian Federation congratulated students on Tatyana’s Day

Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian students on Tatyana's Day, RIA Novosti reports.

On this holiday, the president traditionally communicates with students, today it happens via video link.

“I would like to congratulate our student youth on this wonderful holiday,” – said the head of state. He also congratulated schoolchildren who are still going to enter, and those who graduated from universities a long time ago. “The memory of the student brotherhood, the amazing student time, remains with us for life. It is no coincidence that today's scientists, doctors, engineers & hellip; years later are friends, meet with their fellow students & ndash; Putin noted.

He also advised the students of Moscow State University not to overdo it with mead on Tatyana’s Day, TASS writes.

The university rector Viktor Sadovnichy reminded that on this holiday students are waiting for the traditional , as usual, the rector himself treats.

“I see. Only everything is good in moderation, – the President said with a smile, recognizing that on Tatyana's Day “you can't do without mead.”

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Putin would also talk to the Olympians today.

In addition, it became known that Russia has increased quotas for free education of Tajik students by 15%. Now the quota has been expanded to 750 state-funded places in Russian universities.


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