The Pentagon did not confirm reports of US readiness to supply MLRS to Ukraine

The fact that the United States next week may begin supplying multiple launch rocket systems to Kyiv was reported by CNN. Washington said that they have not yet finalized the next package of military assistance to Ukraine ” alt=”The Pentagon has not confirmed reports that the United States is ready to supply MLRS to Ukraine” />

Pentagon, USA

The US authorities have not yet decided on the possibility of supplying Ukraine with multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), another package of military assistance so far not finalized. This was stated at a briefing by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

«We know that the Ukrainian side is requesting both privately and openly multiple launch rocket systems. But I will not talk about decisions that have not yet been made, — he said.

Kirby explained that Washington is working closely with Kyiv in order to “provide the best capabilities (weapons and equipment. — RBC)”, “but in order to start supplying something , need presidential approval».

Answering the question of how quickly weapons can be delivered to Ukraine, Kirby said that the delivery to the region after all the approvals and the formation of the cargo can be transferred within 48 hours. The Pentagon spokesman clarified that this was not about the time of final delivery to the territory of Ukraine, but about “the region as a whole.”

Speaking of how quickly Ukraine needs new arms deliveries, Kirby said: “Time doesn't work for us.

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Earlier on May 27, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the possibility of delivering multiple launch rocket systems to Kyiv. “MLRS will help them [the Ukrainian military] defend themselves against extremely hard strikes from Russian artillery, that’s what the world should be striving for now,” — said the British prime minister in an interview with Bloomberg.

He also said that the Russian armed forces are making “slow but tangible progress” in Donbass, while the Ukrainian side needs military support.

Since the beginning of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, Western countries and NATO have refrained from supplying Kyiv with heavy weapons, fearing to provoke a negative reaction from Moscow. Deliveries of such equipment began only in the second half of April, although the Ukrainian leadership asked for them from the very beginning of the special operation.

The issue of the supply of MLRS to Ukraine began to be discussed in the US administration. Pentagon officials met with the CEO of Lockheed Martin last week to discuss deliveries and ramping up production of multiple launch rocket systems, a White House source at CNN reported May 27. CNN claimed that Washington intended to deliver MLRS to Ukraine next week.

The American self-propelled MLRS M270, adopted by several NATO countries, is capable of firing up to 12 tactical missiles in less than 60 seconds, and its accuracy is maintained in all modes, since the retargeting after each shot is monitored by a computer. Depending on the ammunition used, the M270 can hit targets at a distance of up to 300 km, which, as the channel notes, “will significantly increase the firing range of the Ukrainian artillery forces.” The crew of such an installation is three people, on the march it develops a speed of up to 64 km/h.

Representatives of the Ukrainian leadership and President Volodymyr Zelensky have previously stated that their country needs M142 and M270 multiple launch rocket systems. However, the Biden administration withheld such supplies for several weeks amid fears expressed in the National Security Council that Ukraine could use weapons to shell Russian territory. Another reason why the United States was in no hurry to transfer the MLRS, & mdash; doubts whether Washington can afford to give away so many high-quality military weapons.

Politico wrote that in response to requests from Kyiv, in recent months the United States has supplied Ukraine with old Soviet missile systems stored in allied warehouses.


Moscow has warned that the supply of weapons by Western countries to Ukraine, the charges of which are capable of reaching the territory of Russia, will lead to an escalation. Moscow considers “inflating” supply of arms to Ukraine. At the same time, the Kremlin stated that they would not prevent Russia from achieving the goals of the military operation. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also warned that the Russian military would consider any shipments in Ukraine that Russia considers to be foreign weapons supplies as legitimate targets.

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