“The lesson of numbers”. 1 million schoolchildren took part in the Internet project

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The leaders in & nbsp; the number of schoolchildren participating in the & nbsp; project among the regions are now: Belgorod Region, Moscow and & nbsp; Moscow Region, Omsk Region and & nbsp; Samara Region.

After completing a lesson in the & nbsp; project, students from & nbsp; 1st to & nbsp; 11th grade get acquainted with & nbsp; game development and & nbsp; gain knowledge about & nbsp; how games are created, what genres and & nbsp; platforms are, and & nbsp; also what professions exist in & nbsp; ; this area. Take part in & nbsp; & quot; Numbers Lesson & quot; Anyone can use the & nbsp; link: uroktsifry.rf/gamedev.

& laquo; Industry of computer games & nbsp; & mdash; is one of the & nbsp; fastest growing industries in & nbsp; IT, and & nbsp; we & nbsp; see that it finds interest and & nbsp; response from & nbsp; modern teenagers. According to the & nbsp; results of the first week of the campaign, our stage & bdquo; The Number Lesson & ldquo;, in which the guys try themselves in & nbsp; the role of game developers, game designers, game marketers and & nbsp; testers, is gaining momentum. Don't & nbsp; know in & nbsp; school years who you & nbsp; want to become and & nbsp; what profession you choose, & nbsp; & mdash; fine. This question often worries not only schoolchildren, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; adults. We & nbsp; help guys across the country to gain more knowledge about & nbsp; who they can become in the & nbsp; future. We & nbsp; hope that thanks to a series of our educational initiatives, the participants in today's lesson and & nbsp; our other projects on & nbsp; & nbsp; game development in 5-7 years, children will choose the gaming industry for their careers & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; notes Sergey Mardanov, director of & nbsp; relations with & nbsp; VK universities .

According to the & nbsp; plot of this year's simulator, the guys along with the & nbsp; characters of the project get into the & nbsp; game “ Domovyata '', developed by the studio BIT.GAMES. Junior students try themselves in the & nbsp; roles of a programmer, artist and & nbsp; animator. Students in grades 5-8 can transform into & nbsp; game designers, game testers and & nbsp; marketers. And & nbsp; high school students try on the roles of game producers and & nbsp; learn about & nbsp; different genres of game projects, platforms and & nbsp; stages of the life of the game. With the & nbsp; simulators, participants construct characters and & nbsp; create animations, put together game elements, test the game, and & nbsp; much more.

“ The success of the & nbsp; VK project is due to the well-coordinated work of a professional team and & nbsp; the relevance of the chosen topic. After all, games & nbsp; & mdash; it is an integral part of our childhood and & nbsp; our life. Thanks to the & bdquo; Numbers Lesson & ldquo; from & nbsp; VK, schoolchildren from & nbsp; 1 & nbsp; to & nbsp; 11 & nbsp; grade can try themselves in professions from the & nbsp; world of computer games, in & nbsp; depending on & nbsp; age and & nbsp; preferences, expand the scope of existing reality. Simulators & bdquo; Lesson numbers & ldquo; open up new prospects for children to become a developer, designer, game architect or responsible for & nbsp; their & nbsp; visual part. & bdquo; Lesson numbers & ldquo; proved its effectiveness from the & nbsp; point of view of early career guidance, and & nbsp; data on & nbsp; access to & nbsp; project materials for & nbsp; the first week illustrate the success of the multimedia interactive format and & nbsp; relevance of the subject & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; comments on Yulia Goryachkina, Deputy General Director of ANO Digital Economy in the & nbsp; direction “ Human Resources for the Digital Economy '' .

The lesson prepared by & nbsp; VK and & nbsp; will run until & nbsp; 12 & nbsp; December. Project “ Lesson numbers '' implemented in & nbsp; support of the federal project “ Human Resources for the Digital Economy '' national project “ Digital Economy ''. The initiators of the Number Lesson & nbsp; & mdash; Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and & nbsp; Mass Communications & nbsp; RF and & nbsp; ANO Digital Economy. The objectives of the project are to develop digital competencies in schoolchildren and & nbsp; early career guidance: lessons help children navigate the & nbsp; world of professions related to & nbsp; computer technology and & nbsp; programming. The partners of the project in the & nbsp; 2021/22 academic year are Kaspersky Lab, the Sberbank Charitable Foundation Contribution to the & nbsp; Future, 1C, Yandex, VK, Rosatom. Technology partner & nbsp; & mdash; Algorithmics International School of Programming.

For & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; years, children, parents and & nbsp; teachers have turned to & nbsp; lessons available on the & nbsp; project website, more than 40 & nbsp; million times. The project covered all 85 & nbsp; regions of Russia, and & nbsp; in the & nbsp; 2019/2020 academic year expanded its geography & nbsp; & mdash; with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo, students of Russian-language schools from & nbsp; 100+ countries passed simulators from & nbsp; leading Russian companies in the digital economy.

The first region to start the Numbers Lesson from & nbsp; company & nbsp; VK in & nbsp; this academic year, became the Penza region. An open lesson was held in the & nbsp; region with & nbsp; participation of the Governor of the Penza Region, VRiO Chairman of the Government of the Penza Region, experts & nbsp; VK, mobile game development studio BIT.GAMES (part of & nbsp; MY.GAMES) and & nbsp; ANO “ Digital Economy ''. The lesson was held in a & nbsp; hybrid format with & nbsp; using the Spherum platform, the recording of the broadcast is available on VKontakte.

Together with & nbsp; “ Lesson numbers '' about the development of games for schoolchildren, the All-Russian online Olympiad in & nbsp; programming & nbsp; VK and & nbsp; Uchi.ru is being held, the main round will last until & nbsp; 13 & nbsp; December. Students of grades 1-9 from all regions of Russia can take part in & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The project “ Lesson in numbers '' & nbsp; is implemented in & nbsp; support of the federal project “ Personnel for the digital economy. '' Classes on the & nbsp; thematic simulators of the project are conducted in the & nbsp; form of exciting online games for three age groups: students of junior, middle and & nbsp; high schools. The teaching materials of the lessons remain available on the & nbsp; project website and & nbsp; cover a wide range of topics: algorithms, coding, team development, Internet security, project management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, personal assistants, networks and & nbsp; cloud technologies, big data , unmanned vehicles, neural networks and & nbsp; communications, privacy in the & nbsp; digital world.

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