The Guardian named the reason for Abramovich’s participation in the negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow

Photo: Global Look Press

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is under Western sanctions but appears to play a major role in global backstage events. Since the beginning of the military special operation in Ukraine, it has been running between Moscow, Kiev and Istanbul.

The world community drew attention to his activity after it was reported that Abramovich was among three people who fell ill after a round of Ukrainian-Russian negotiations in early March.

Official officials of Russia and Ukraine, and Pentagon officials were also skeptical about the rumors about the poisoning of the negotiators. But the appearance of Abramovich at the meeting intrigued the public.

In recent years, he has positioned himself as a person without political ambitions. The billionaire finances cultural events and leads a social life. At the same time, the former owner of the Chelsea football club hates publicity and does not give interviews.

A source in the Ukrainian delegation said that Abramovich is participating in the negotiations as a neutral intermediary, and his main role was to “communicate our position to their boss in human terms.”

Alexander Rodnyansky, Zelensky’s economic adviser, said The Guardian that Abramovich was brought in as an intermediary by his father, a Ukrainian film producer who knows the billionaire well. In Kyiv, the billionaire is perceived as a serious interlocutor, to whom Russian President Vladimir Putin listens.

A source in Moscow said that over the past month, the businessman met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky twice. But the interlocutors of the publication in Kyiv did not confirm this information. Liberal observers believe that Abramovich cannot be an independent participant in the negotiations. He has been a pillar of the existing government for 22 years, and his position is most likely fully agreed upon by the Kremlin.

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