The Daily Mail has published a scenario of the Third World with a “paralyzing” effect

According to Western experts, Russia and China will focus on hypersonic weapons

The British edition of The Daily Mail published its scenario of the Third World War – with the Internet disconnected to the enemy and the attacks of superfast missiles. Military observer Mikhail Khodarenok appreciated the train of thought of British journalists.


The Daily Mail's material looks like it was written not in London and certainly not in Washington, but at least in Moscow or Beijing. While the United States focused its military efforts on the Middle East, Russia and China prudently invested huge amounts of money in high technology and hypersonic weapons, according to the author of the publication on TMV, citing estimates of experts from the military.

“Analysts warn of an” acute threat “that will help” shoot down satellites, turn off the phones of ordinary people, drain gas stations and create chaos in the distribution of food. ” article.

According to experts, during the Third World War, Russia or China could attack the same United States with undetectable missiles, 27 times faster than sound, at the same time “blinding” the enemy, disconnecting him from the global network. Lindy Cameron, head of the British National Cybersecurity Center, said that in October, digital attacks were allegedly carried out against the systems of the United Kingdom – from Russian or nearby territories. At the same time, Cameron recalls, neither Moscow nor Beijing forget about combat tests of new weapons, which were also observed last fall.

Michelle Flournoy, the former head of US policy at the Pentagon under Presidents Clinton and Obama, in turn, warned: counterinsurgency, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan … and looking up, we realize that we are now in a very serious competition between the great powers. And they started investing massively in a range of new technologies. “

So, for example, back in 2019, China introduced the DF-17 medium-range hypersonic missile, which can cover a distance of about 2,000 kilometers and is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. In October, the PRC deployed batteries of these missiles in coastal areas in preparation for a possible invasion of Taiwan. This was heralded as a “death sentence” for US aircraft carriers if they came within range of DF-17. This is not the only example of this kind, but is it possible to seriously predict the Third World War on the basis of him and others like him? As the military observer, reserve colonel Mikhail Khodarenok noted in a conversation with MK, the danger of the Third World War exists, but only hypothetically.

“Any possible military clash between the United States or other NATO countries on the one hand and Russia, on the other, will sooner or later lead to the use of nuclear weapons,” the analyst recalled. “Maybe, first, only tactical (but this period will not be significant), but then, after all, there will be an exchange of massive nuclear missile strikes. The role of hypersonic weapons, at whatever stages of development they are in a particular country, will not be of fundamental importance. Intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles of submarines, and also strategic winged. Hypersonic weapons, after all, have not yet been massively accepted into service anywhere. “

As for the special attention to the destruction of digital infrastructure, supply chains, disconnecting the enemy from the Network, then, Khodarenok emphasizes, in a nuclear war, all these measures are virtually meaningless. “Even if everything is de-energized, right down to the last light bulb, the Perimeter system will work (a complex of automatic control of a massive retaliatory nuclear strike, in the West known under the unambiguous and eloquent name“ Dead Hand ”-“ MK ”), – the expert recalled – Apparently, theses about the fight against the enemy's infrastructure were taken from the Chinese press, they like to talk about it: allegedly whoever hits the enemy's control systems will have an advantage. “

And, finally, the final question: a what, in fact, can lead to such a war? “Yes, we have disgusting relations with the West,” the analyst does not hide. “But we are not talking, for example, about the struggle of ideologies, economic confrontation. , discussions about communications, as a rule, betray in their authors simply people who do not understand the nature of the application of massive nuclear missile strikes. “


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