The British made fun of Biden who threatened Russia


Readers of the British tabloid Daily Mail ridiculed Joe Biden's comment on the results of negotiations with Vladimir Putin on New Year's Eve. The leaders of the United States and Russia spoke on the phone for 50 minutes. Further, the sides' assessments of the results of this conversation differ.

The Kremlin said that the American president had threatened “large-scale sanctions” because of the situation in Ukraine. In response, Putin said that it would be a major mistake. Indeed, in this case, a complete rupture of relations may follow.

Later, Joe Biden said that during the conversation he “made it clear” to his Russian colleague about the inadmissibility of an “invasion” of Ukraine and threatened with a “high price” in the event. aggression “.

Readers laughed at the American version. Most users believe that Biden is not afraid on the world stage. in addition, he is tongue-tied and cannot clearly respond to emergency situations.

“Let's be honest, no other world leader is afraid of Biden. Everyone laughs at him and no one takes him seriously,” he expressed his opinion BigBlueBill. “Joe capitulated in Kabul,” Wokemadness recalled.

In addition, users recalled to Biden that he did not remember at all – where he ran for and how he became president of the United States. The British agreed that the threats of the American leader were unlikely someone can be frightened.


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