Tech N9ne – No Reason Lyrics

Stop Shit
For no reason, mosh pit
For no reason, our shit
For no reason, the hardest
For no reason, stop shit
For no reason, mob shit
For no reason, mosh pit
For no reason, mosh pit

I just think you fucking with the wrong one
Times like this I don’t know how to have fun
I think ima fuck somebody up (fuck em up)
You gon need someone hold you up
What the fuck

My city stand up
Stoppin people that got into my city and what
Copyin me and the property ya jammed up
While i eat the cam bust
Don’t mock me the brands us
Strange music
The game shoot this right at the fakers
The game stupid with the claim
You can flip the change and name usage
Steppin to me lick with the lane
And you lose indefinitely
Ready for ruckers really we reppin the B
Ah Ah
This the eviction notice
Missingly quickly and go get
Hit us and consider me and my nigga

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