MATT OX – Ya Dig lyrics

Hundred’s, on hundred’s, no green
R.I.P Gus, Lil Peep
My diamonds is water, gon’ freeze
New chain, new ice, ya dig?
New whip, no bike, ya dig?
Yo’ chain is light, ya dig?
Ya dig? Ya dig?
Big “Matt OX” no “lil”
Got a hundred racks no deal
Made it out the [?]
I don’t really care how ya feel
Whole gang eatin’ whole meals
Whole gang eatin’ whole meals
I got bands no loan
Did it all on my own
I be rockin’ ‘Vlone’ (Oh, Lone)
I don’t trap without two phones
And y’all know i’m bout’ ten toes
I don’t bang with them, no no, no, no
Get out my lane
Look at my chain
Look at my game, woah
What is yo name?
Get out my face, you not the gang, no
Woah, Woah, Woah, Ah, Oh, Woah, Woah, Woah
Ya dig?