Hot Soup! – Starsong lyrics

Relax… Let it go. Mind clear as the night
Lean back, and watch the stars go by

Sun comin’ up lights my feet runnin’ to the job
Runnin’ past the day, time’ll get away
With your lists and plans and dreams and chores
Sun goin’ down lights my street, hurry hurry home
Cookin’ and a-scrubbin’, barely times for lovin’
‘Fore the sun comes up once more

Jupiter, fall’s evening light
Balmy spring brings Venus bright
Winter sends Orion forth
Find Polaris, always north

Andromeda comes into view
Underneath the double-you
Ursa Major’s overhead
When Betelgeuse goes off to bed
When Pegasus goes riding by
The Pleiades are flying high
Polaris trails the Little Sipper
Opposite the Bigger Dipper

Moon comin’ up lights bed, I’m tryin’ to get to sleep
Tossin’ and a-turnin’, day is still a-churnin’
All those lists and plans and dreams and chores
Oh, moon goin’ down, crescent smile shines low down in the sky
Grinnin’ through the trees, makin’ fun of me
Waitin’ for the sun to come up once more