Diplo – Welcome To The Party lyrics

(feat. French Montana, Lil Pump & Zhavia)

(Deadpool 2 Soundtrack)

[Intro: O DJ]
One day the Tuca Colaço arrived (Yeah)
Betraying Joel every moment
But the capoeira club is already prepared
It will fill her with blows and leave all broken
You slut, you leave your family to stay with a trafficker
She knows she’s murdered with a knife. (JooJ)

[Chorus: French Montana & Zhavia Ward]
Welcome to the party (live it up)
Welcome to the party, aye
Welcome to the party, aye
Welcome to the party

[Verse: French Montana]
Step up in the party
Step up in the party hot

[Verse: Lil Pump]
Welcome to the trap, got my grandma selling crack
I make what you make in one year just sitting down and moving packs
Make a bitch do jumping jacks, like she was an acrobat
Got these bitches looking at me crazy because I got face tats