Step Brothers – Yeah 5X

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You recording?

[Verse 1: Starlito]
If they wasn’t pressing record
I’d probably be pressing the tail button
Yeah, hustling I’m from where them young niggas ain’t scared of nothing
10 years ago drinking tussy
Nutting off all in public
Drive-bys in broad daylight its ringing like a concession
Thugging, quick to tell her that I love her
Knowing I just finished fucking
Dick smelling like a rubber
Just like Mel and Danny Glover caught with 7 lethal weapons
And you can check my deposition, listen
Look, them streets ain’t for you
They against you, need convincing?
They got most of my friends behind them fences
I was in them trenches that’s why I don’t give a fuck about no Mentions or no likes or no comments I got extension
I lost everything beefing it get expensive
Cap a unit and wouldn’t care if you wind up in intensive
No evidence for forensics just barely dodged the conviction
Shed a thug tear when they said that budda was snitching
Yeah they still fucking with me

[Don trip]
Step brothers three, yeah
And I will still fuck Stacey Dash

[Verse 2: Don Trip]
Where I’m from we rather die than let you take the stash
That ain’t just a sack my whole future’s in that paper bag
That’s how I feed my babies
While my baby momma’s bitching
I’m too close to the edge
It’s best you keep your distance
My uncle fighting addiction, my people fighting convictions
But I gotta go get it, no matter the conditions
Shit be overflowing I’m just tryna find a lead
Being careful with the fire trying not to burn the bridge
And I will still fuck Stacey Dash
Spend a day with her crazy ass
You know fine hoes talk way too much
Just wanna fuck her and make her gag
And watch re-runs on BET and reminisce on what it used to be
Get in this round two I’m tryna knock that out
I might knock her up I’m on shooting spree
On my block they are shooting teens
Just tryna ball but they just moving screens
So used to putting up bricks
You think I’m playing for the losing team
I don’t sleep much but I used to dream
Then I woke up and started chasing mine
Took a look at my G-Shock and said don’t rush it
Take your time without wasting time

Yeah it’s time
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 3: Starlito]
Sick of the scent of me tripping my gun
Tripping if niggas try some
Picture me in the kitchen
Yeah pitching I need a [?]
Going digital, plenty niggas still hit me up tryna buy somethin
For my funds, shit had to grind hard from where I’m from

[Verse 4: Don Trip]
Yeah, ’cause he who doesn’t hustle
Ain’t entitled to a pot crumb
My nigga beat a murder trial to us that’s called triumph
Live it to the limit I’m just saying you only die once
Pouring out champagne for all the good niggas that died young

[Verse 5: Starlito]
And counting down for Dotty
Been locked up for 55 months
Break down a half a zip
And try to stuff this shit in 5 blunts
Riding low I don’t know how I function high as fuck
You can see the pain all in my eyes cause I don’t cry much

[Verse 6: Don Trip]
Well, you missing more screws than me if you decide to try us
Cause you’d have better luck winning a gun battle with a hotpoint
Fuck around make the news
Look in the camera I’m like
"Hi Mom your sons been making pipe bombs and my favorite rapper is Dylan"
And, and they think Star’s the high one

Step Brothers
I think this makes 3