Nico Waz – Edward lyrics

Sophomore year
Pretty little freshman walks into my spanish class.
We don’t exchange looks
But in my head I know there’s something about her.

[Verse 1]
I wanna say something to her
She’s standing 5 feet from my locker.
Finally thought of what to say,
Then some dude came and took her away.

[Chorus 1]
She’s amazing
I wanna be with her.
For now I’ll be patient,
One day we’ll be together.

[Verse 2]
Junior year,
We become friends though people.
I want to hang out with her,
But she never gives me the time of day.

[Verse 3]
Finally I break through,
She becomes my best friend.
We would see other people,
And still hang out behind their backs.

[Chorus 2]
She’s right here,
I have the chance to be with her.
Just need the right moment,
To take her breath away.

[Verse 4]
Senior year
We’d been dating for 6 months.
I break up with her for no reason
And I still wonder why I did it.

[Verse 5]
7 months later I tried to get her back
We start talking again and I’m happy.
Then a meathead comes along,
And she picks him.

[Chorus 3]
I had her,
I was with her and I lost her.
I want her back,
But she’s happy with someone else.

[Verse 6]
Freshman year
I havent talked to her in 10 months.
She calls me late on a sunday night,
And we talk until 5 am.

[Verse 7]
She wants to end it with him,
She wants to be with me.
A month later they break up,
And we are talking once again.

[Chorus 4]
I got another chance,
I can be with her again.
All I can think about,
Is going home to see her.

[Verse 8]
Spring Break
We hangout and we hookup.
It isn’t how it used to be,
The feelings are different.

[Verse 9]
She was using me for sex,
I should’ve seen it coming.
I’m not even the only one,
She has never been this scummy.

[Chorus 5]
I don’t wanna be with her,
She’s not the girl I fell in love with.
It’s time for me to move on,
I could never be with her.