JPEGMAFIA – Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot Lyrics

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Oh (You think you know me)
When we rappin’?

[Verse 1]
Pray (Pray), pray
Pray you get comfy in your disguise (Uh)
Pray for my thots on the other side (Side)
Pray for my children I can’t provide, I feel 45
Pray when you shoot, it’s a homicide
Pray for my haters, they terrified
Nigga could kill me, I’m verified
But I’m still alive, yeah, I’m still alive
Pray that I end up like Charlize Theron
I’m so confused, I ain’t hard to find
I push you pussies behind the pine
Hope you get some shine, hope you get some shine
Come out the pocketbook every time
Feel like I’m shootin’, I’m shiftin’ time
Dressed in your grandmama hand-me-downs, pussy nigga
Huh, sucka, I’m prominent, I was anonymous
I been in front of you every time
This ain’t a bridge, it’s a collar crime
I put my soul into every bar (Man)
Into every verse, into every rhyme (Shit)

I can’t feel my face, oh god
SMH, no ASMR (Huh!)
Show me where the prophets go
Show me how to keep my pussy close
She said, “You better count your blessings for real”
Amen (Woo!)

[Verse 2]
Pray (Pray), pray
Pray for my babies, they doin’ time
Pray that these crackers don’t Columbine
I just pray that I peak before my decline
Make ’em hit recline
You know my shooter a proper dime, clarity
Nigga, these bullets get entered in clip
And go into the Kimber that hit your spine
Britney, this a sign
Pray you grow healthy and hit your prime
Ooh, I should pray for a better line
But I don’t wan’ make all my peers resign
2035, I’ll be 45
They say the church leave us all behind
Speaking in tongues like I’m David Byrne
Bitch, I turn a threat to a nevermind, nevermind
Pray for all of these niggas been lyin’ and frontin’ for company
Bitch, I’m a diva, no punk in me
Fuck you want from me? I’ll put you under me, nigga (Oh)
I’ll put your soul in a struggle bar

I can’t feel my face, oh god
SMH, no ASMR (Huh!)
Show me where the prophets go
Show me how to keep my pussy close
She said, “You better count your blessings for real”

Praise the motherfuckin’ lord
(Oh, dead-dead-deadly)

MellowHype – Tisk Lyrics

Yeah, Left Brain, yes maybe
God, she, Miyagi the best man

[Verse 1]
It’s MellowHype by the way, SMH, OMG
Tisk tisk tisk
Vlade Divac get it popping, flopping
And this-this-this
Flip this-this
What is this-this-this-this-this-this-this
This is legit, characterizing, you categorizing
I’m rapping, enticing, baptizing your wives
Your daughters need holy water with some olive oil
She’s a Christian rich (God), snitches get clipped, snipped, ditched
She got on lipstick, gypsies in her church she’s promiscuous
A master of disguise, she know how to hide, last night
I was at the strip club throwing dubs at her tidbits
She curious, well I’m kit-nip
Verse is cool, I whip shit then
Got my ink from a squid, editorial penmanship
I put my Timbs on rhythm from the beat I squish, squish, squish
Fresh to death, exquisite
Leave your phone at home when you come exhibit this
My head on my neck and you egging me on
You gonna catch every L that I’m throwing
Game over, flip-flip-flip bitch
Nigga you don’t want diss-diss-diss (nah)
This here, this mind gone, rimless shit
Slim Jim, henchman shit
59-50 new era
Never ever ever ever ever say never
Never let cheddar come between friendships
Never let a pirate set a fire, fire of desires
Burn baby bridges
Me and Vyron Turner turning up the fire furnace
Inspired by burning tear jerking jerks in their bitty britches
Burned up, I heard a natural disaster’s coming to get us
[?] tornadoes and twisters
Don’t get it twisted
Twisted metal, don’t forget I’m a rebel
Feet to pedal through the ghettos to meadows
High risers, shoot uzis
Picture me rolling motion picture movies
I’ma fuck the whole city up, tell that Asian
Ben Baller I’m paintballing
Defrosting, taking these chains off me
My aim’s awesome, these brains blossom
I paint the ponds when they withdraw BB guns
You never see me, I’ll see me around
You don’t see me at all, you don’t see me none
You could see these numbers on streaming, TD run
MellowHype nigga, we the one
Numero uno, a duo no duo
[?] that like to tuck speedy gun

You niggas little niggas, you just having a little fun (little fun)
This shout ain’t to Lil Boat (boat)
Lil Uzi, that’s my lil one
I go futuristic and ballistic
Cans of ammunition make you want kill some
Chill son, would that make me a real one? (nah)
Fuck ’em all, kill ’em
I don’t wanna get repetitive
Second guessing, digest what he said to me
Said I squeeze this lil piece til he dead to me
I’m bringing my energy, reminiscing Jet Li
You’ll settle for anything, it’s so unsettling
Especially with arm forces, better be
Heavy the energy, cheddar cheese
Feta cheese, commit a felony for this wedge of brie
A-R semi, I should let it breath
Shouldn’t I, wouldn’t I
Cut the firewood then light a match, lighterman
Light a wood to the fire
Multiply and divide inquiry
I’m still crazy, you can’t Left Brain me
Xan your brain, you back
Tazmanian, Animaniac, animation
Fly on my spacey craft I’m an alien
Yeah, uh, you slept on us
Too many “wahhh” baby naps
Absent or just late for that
Take a shat, now you gotta pay for raps
We are what you eat off
Three strikes you lost, feed us
You can’t eat off me dog
I’m taking it back
Imagine if Casey [?] could rap

That’s me dog
LB-HB dog
In 2006 I was spitting 2018 bars
Nigga rolling blunts while I’m pouring Tuss
We ain’t slowing up, 2018 is ours
Seminars, see me outer bars, speedy autobahn
I’m the one, got a new N-A-M-E, it’s Duwan
Game over flip flip flip flip flip flip
MellowHype in this bitch, never quit
(Hello, you are a winner!)
World championship nigga
Trophy status
Home run derby
Above average nigga
I don’t go home (I’m golden)
I go hard
Start early nigga
Starter, starter
24 hours spitting this fresh gem
Spitting bars

[Verse 2]
Don’t make amend
Don’t play pretend
Break the case, and repace, take the win
And we run back to the storm, run with tornado winds
And mother nature wins (yeah she do)
I throw up a L and that’s for loyal
Throw up the other L, connect 2 L’s, that’s a W, winner
Troublesome, another two
Sun is setting, setting up the fullest moon
I caterpill, I’m a butter in the coccoon
Spread my wings, origami
Chopping this [?]
Hodgy order unagi
I celebrate with wasabi
We gon’ get drunk off Hasaki
Afterwards go to [?]
Examine me then massage me
Live a happy life, livelihood adapt into variety
Story tellers don’t tell stories, they
Thomas guide him to silver lining
Guide him until they figure he’ll figure ain’t nothin likely
Don’t look real, don’t feel like me
My baby Phat Farm and Nike, white tee
Throwin’ bows [?]
I talk to her like she know me
Fuck you buy us you like me
I said either love me or leave me alone
Entrepreneurs on her own, we black
Kings and queens on our thrones, we black
Light Backwoods in Lincoln
Fun fact, the Lincoln
[?] Lincoln
Plugged in my phone jack in the Lincoln
Sinking into the back seat of the Lincoln
I be thinking
Started with Noah’s Ark and it ended with Rosa Parks
She sat her black ass in a white seat bruh, they could tell her apart
But that day she didn’t think that history was set and smart
Bleeding hearts (melanin), followed the heart beat of beating heart
I could hear it almost, that shit beating hard
She follow her instincts in leading hard
Freedom fighters had dreams, Luther King J-R
Lead by example, nigga
Turning bad situations
Congratulations, now they amply feel us
Freedom fight if you can’t see the light
Look in the mirror
Reach for your spirit, you’re a speeding light

Hodgy Beats – Barbell Lyrics

You should let life
Life… have it’s wayward
You should let the world
Have nothing

[Chorus 1]
You want to have a heart to heart nigga?
They told me to play it smart nigga
I’ma tear it up and rip shit apart nigga
Hey, I’ma play my part nigga
I’ma go bar for bar, bar for bar, bar for bar nigga, yeah
You want to have a heart to heart nigga
I’ma tear your shit apart nigga
Bar for bar nigga

[Verse 1]
It’s rare that you would catch me off guard, blindsided
I’m just like Mike, Mike Will, Miley Cyrus
Close my eyelids, feel my iris dilate
Ain’t bothered by hate, I’m steppin’ to it
We face the fate nigga
Hodgy bout to build a conglomerate nigga
Make sure my business ain’t made with no concentrate
All the equities and the artists I conjugate, with myself
Most people come and intoxicate your circle
Suck the life out of your circle, then confiscate your circle
See what they did, man they made you hate your circle
Ya’ll some wild niggas, incidentally coloured purple
Tappin’ in your church shoes to the harmonies
SMH to the slandering Simon these
Shittin’ on your knees and swallow all of these OMGs
Where does the road that’s golden lead
I hold myself and read I’m a mythology
H, Wizard

[Chorus 2]
If you ain’t speaking from your heart nigga
You can’t go bar to bar with a
Real nigga going hard nigga
What I’m talking I’m living it bar for bar nigga
Bar for bar, bar for bar, bar for bar nigga
I’m the king of Araba you Jafar nigga
French rolls don’t play, I roll just my part nigga
Ready to spark, g-g-going bar for bar nigga

[Verse 2]
You get your first cover in [?]
We bout to see how fucking hungry you are (you are)
About how much about this money you are (you are)
You wrote it so fraudulent but becoming a star
I rhyme for my niggas
When it’s beefing that don’t meaning running to the car
Unlocking my door, hearing engine roar, pedal to the floor
I thought he had they back man, what he leave them for?
They say heaven’s on the same level as the devil’s door
I keep pressing number 7 on the elevator
Fuck them niggas and they set, that’s what you tell a hater
It’s cliche to say we going up like escalators
Niggas want a copy, us and fucking automate us
I’ll just write a solo while they fucking huddle up
If niggas talking just because man I’mma shut em up
It’s all a game in their head, I’ll let em run amok
Remember the game is over once the buzzer bust