John Warden – Tomorrow lyrics


Every night, every light
Reminds me of home
And all those faces that a I see
Along side the road

Signs may say and they might tell you
Where you’ve been yesterday 
But no one really knows which road 
They’ll be traveling tomorrow

Why did she lie?
Why’d I let her go?

Cold wind blows across these hills
The wheels keep rolling
With one less mile to go outside
Santa Rosa

Horizons come but
Then they fall
Into the night time
When I turn my thoughts to her and these endless white lines

She was the woman I loved
But inside still a girl
Wanted to be an actress 
And her stage was the world

She’d say one thing turn me around do another
And in the end she made me her fool
Somehow I still love her

Big sky… Roadsides
You ask yourself why
And the same old scene keeps playing over again in your mind

All these miles make me wonder 
Am I living or is it a lie
Well that’s just one more question for the road 
Why did she lie?
Why’d I let her go?

Jos̩ Alfredo Jim̩nez РCamino De Guanajuato lyrics

No vale nada la vida
La vida no vale nada
Comienza siempre llorando
Y así llorando se acaba
Por eso es que en este mundo
La vida no vale nada.

Bonito León Guanajuato
Su feria con su jugada
Ahí se apuesta la vida
Y se respeta al que gana
Allá en mi León Guanajuato
La vida no vale nada.

Camino de Guanajuato
Que pasas por tantos pueblos
No pases por Salamanca
Que ahí me hiere el recuerdo
Vete rodeando vereda
No pases porque me muero

El cristo de la montaña
Del cerro del cubilete
Consuelo de los que sufren
Adoración de la gente
El cristo de la montaña
Del cerro del cubilete

Camino de Santa Rosa
La sierra de Guanajuato
Ahí nomás tras lomita
Se ve Dolores Hidalgo
Yo ahí me quedo paisano
Allí es mi pueblo adorado