Lil B – Rhode Island Lyrics

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Yeah, nigga, I’ma talk about BasedWorld, man
These niggas talk about I did what?
I got so many motherfuckin’ bitches
(Fuck it! Talk to a nigga!
I know the BasedGod!)

[Verse 1]
I know the BasedGod, yeah
Catch me out in Rhode Island (swag)
I’ma fuck yo’ bitch till she cryin’
All my young niggas wildin’
Albany, bitch, we gettin’ violent
Tell that nigga quit hidin’
Tell that fat nigga I’m the real don
I’ma fuck his bitch where the hills are

Rhode Island!
Shout out Rhode Island! (Figaro!)

[Verse 2]
I’ma give money to the DJ (swag)
I’ma tell that nigga go replay
I know Lil B
Yeah, nigga, I know Lil B
Shout out to the BasedGod
Nigga, I said “thank you BasedGod”
Huh? It ain’t no fuckin’ drop
Huh? (Woo!) Yeah, nigga, we gon’ fuckin’ drop
Another body drop, it’s OK
It’s OK
Give a fuck what a nigga gotta say
Gotta say
Take that hoodie off, bitch, you look gay
You look gay
All my niggas goin’ dumb up in the bay
In the bay

Rhode Island!
Shout out Rhode Island!

PhilliMAK – Candylicious (Hill District Club Mix) lyrics

[Verse 1]
I know that you want me.
And you know that I want you too, baby.
The desire in your eyes says it all.
Come with me tonight.
And let me put out the flame.
The rush of emotion gets me high
I’m on cloud nine.
Gotta float down from the adrenelane.
You blew my mind.
You bought new meaning to the stud north.
Undress me with your eyes.
Every moment is like heaven
When I’m with you.
Can’t contain myself.
You have me in a bind.
And you didn’t want to let me go.

You’re candylicious. You’re delicious.
You’re eye candy. You’re super fi-ine.
You fullfill my life.
You fullfill my wishes.
You are my destiny.

[Verse 2]
Walk down the runway.
Be super fly.
I’m candylicious. You’re delicious.
We’ll dance the night away.
We’ll live in harmony.
You had me speechless.
I can’t contain myself.
You touched me
In a way that was captivating.
I want this feeling to last forever.
Never want to leave cloud 9.
Cause our emotions brought us here.
They controlled my mind.
And it was so hard to recover.

[Verse 3]
We met at the club.
Our eyes locked.
I was hooked, I was addicted
To your body.
No amount of rehab
Was going to take me off you.
You left me speechless.
You’re intoxicating, breathtaking.
Love the sensuality that you bring to the table.
Want to keep you occupied.
So you won’t get distracted.
Can I keep you interested?
Ya better not look anywhere else.
Gotta keep you in check.
Gotta keep you in line.
Gotta keep you interested.
Gotta keep you wanting more.

Take me to Boston, New York City, Burlington, Martha’s Vineyard,
Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Erie, pa, Buffalo, Greenwich, Connecticut, Providence, Rhode Island.
Then take me to the glamor of Philadelphia.

When I look at all the billboards, it’s everywhere.
The power of your sex appeal, it takes me away.
The energy of your persona it blew me away.
And I can’t recover from your energy.