Zaytoven – Five Guys (feat. Migos & Young Thug)

[Intro: Quavo & Young Thug]
Let’s get it

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
I turned on North Side Drive, I just left Five Guys
I see that bitch went on time like I got five eyes
I drowned in racks and then I died and I came back alive
I get that pack, get all them pies, you know I strive
To be the best
Pablo Escobar, hundred shots, boy fuck a vest
You get a mission out the blue, boy it’s a test (better not fail)
Hey, I got Chromehearts without a desk
But I’ll teach you, if she special then I’ma mess (swear to god)
I let her swallow me, I’ma teach her pornography
I’m always right ’bout hog a fee, I’ma teach you the bed
Cashed out like Charlie Sheen, I’m like bae like biogically
I smoke grass like a collard green, yeah I’m smoking the best
Ridin’ with them slimes, and I’m ridin’ with the Migos
We servin’ them kilos (ride with the, ride with the)
Play with me bitch and I’ll beat your ass up like I’m motherfuckin’ Debo (beat that bitch up with a)
Ride ’round the city in Bentleys, I used to ride ’round in a Pinto
I couldn’t afford that outdoors, now I’m standing outdoors smoking endos
When I’m with Durk it’s gon’ be murder time (what you say?)
If I drink that syrup then I’m on turtle time (super slow)
You mean nothin’ to me, you not worth a dime (you not worth it)
Drop, drop the Bentley, got me ridin’ with the slime

[Verse 2: Quavo]
I ain’t here for that (no), I got diamonds on my plaques (shine)
And I’m not going back and forth (nah)
Takeoff trapping on the porch (Takeoff)
Play with the water of course
Up in the morning, sleepy at court (woop)
Fuck the check up, fuck up the pot with the fork (ayy)
I just spent four thou-ow on a motherfuckin’ coat
I told her get with the program and I’ma put you on the boat
You coming with that money, boy you might be a lil bit short
Some people from the east, south, west, some from the north
Welcome to the Nawf, where you’ll get your ass took off
Pitching hardball, know some niggas pitching soft
Put that dope in her anus, no she can’t bend over and cough
If he playing with my money then we outline him in chalk
The world so cold so I’m rocking Timbs like I’m from New York
First time I went to New York they say they like the way I talk
Free my nigga Bobby Shmurda, free Offset, yeah he my folk
Every time I see the pot make sure I hit it with the fork (hit it)

[Outro: Quavo]
Migo Thuggin, bitch I’m Migo Thuggin (bitch)
Migo Thuggin, bitch I’m Migo Thuggin (lil ho)
Migo Thuggin, bitch I’m Migo Thuggin (thuggin)
Thuggin’ real hard, ig’nant, wildin’ out in public (gone)