Taysav – Shark Tunes Lyrics

Late nights on that corner used to be everything
They done took away everything from my niggas
Gotta make a way for my niggas
I know Pappy with me in spirit, but that still ain’t good enough
But it’s good enough for them tools bustin’ your moves bust, but that’s stupid stuff
I’m tryna make it out this hellhole, that’ll be the day that hell froze
‘Cause you niggas dumb, brought the devil out
Might as well of brought your shovel out
‘Cause your soul and body goin’ underground, I don’t f*ck around
Hundred bands, that’s nothin’ now
I’ma probably spend it at the summer now, on a summer house
I miss some niggas that’s missing
Step out the frame, take yourself out the picture
Now tell me if you see what’s bigger
Tell me if you see a million
Pappy he gave me the vision
He told me to make sure the fans see the riches
To be out of town f*ckin’ all of they bitches
And pull out the lot bearin’ all of the business
He told me to make sure OG get a mansion
Look after my sister Tamryn
Give her bread just to manage
Give him some bread just to jack it
Go ‘head and splash it, we poppin’ tags ’cause we never had it
I just wanna live lavish, twenty mil in the stash like nigga we made it
I’m feelin’ great but I wanna feel better so I’m gettin’ faded
Perc-30’s I’m takin’, Backwoods what I’m facin’, we done upgraded
Came a long way from not havin’ cable, food on the table
I just want to do better, so in this shit I can’t let up
My own brother got wet up
How do you think that I feel? p*ssy I want to go kill
Thinkin’ like why the f*ck would I chill, if that’s my blood gettin’ spilled, huh?

You niggas don’t know that feeling
You don’t know about stashin’ poles in the ceiling
You don’t know about on the pole in the winter
When a nigga try to leave you froze in December
You don’t know about neck shots in September
It’s a whole lot of shit we don’t talk about
Free the guys locked up, can’t wait ’til they walkin’ out
Them is my dogs and we got lots to bark about
Broad day, night time, we’ll spark it out
I’ll show you what the sharks about
I’ll show you what the boys from the park about
I’ll show you how to blow when I hawk you down
It don’t even feel the same when I walk around ’cause I miss my niggas
On the other side pullin’ them triggers
Poppin’ though like they were that nigga, now you gone
Soon as we hop out I’m already blowin’
Soon as I’m blowin’ I’m already scorin’
Soon as I’m scorin’ I’m already runnin’ out
Shots in his face, like I told you don’t f*ck around
Lil nigga now what?
Me and gang roll him up in a fat blunt
Me and Lu slide down with the gats up
If a nigga ain’t dead, better act slumped
Free the gang for the work, that’s Spazz Out
That’s Shotta plus Lil Steve be back down
Couple days Big (?) be back down
Couple months, Leeky Leek be back down
I don’t know how to act now
So I’m ridin’ with the MAC now
If you try to run, blow his back out
f*ck around, ran up twenty-three racks now
Gonna go blow that, two or three bags now
Glock-22 got twenty-three, back down
‘Fore you get sat down, I got a sack now
I shop at Saks now, I’m throwin’ racks now
Missing my niggas, I wish I was back now, gang