Andy Mineo – …There Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Nobody ever make it out alive (woo!)
This ain’t first class I got upgraded
Penny pinchin’ rapper even though I made it
Momma got her clothes from garage sales
Took the low so I could have the top shelf, yeah
Humble thyself or God will
Youngin’ with a little drive like a Hot Wheel, yeah
Now it’s pop culture when you’re poppin’ pills, right?
Rather have us medicated than healed, right?
Look, blog said I’m in album mode
Boy, I’m always in album mode
My slice need the a la modé
New York, like Al Capone
Whole squad in the Patagon’
My girl b-b-bad, bad to the bone
I keep losin’ my wedding ring
I gotta go get that tatted on
I’m–out in Europe, it feel just like the borough
Shoutin’ “Ya heard!” Spent a Euro, got dessert, that’s that churro
Need that Word that’s eternal
I write the rap, no journal
My pen got me some wins, I feel like Joe Paterno, aye
I don’t got no time for beefin’ with nobody else
I’ve been dealin’ with my demons, I been beefin’ with myself
I need Heaven down on Earth ’cause it’s feelin’ like it’s Hell
That’s all that I can do, uh

1 a.m., I ain’t sleepin’
2 a.m., I ain’t sleepin’ (not at all)
3 a.m., I ain’t sleepin’ (wide awake)
Maybe I should get some sleep in

I got angels flyin’ all around
I pray they take me off the ground
I know I got one lookin’ down on me
On me, on me

Every sword got two edges
How will I be remembered?

I got angels flyin’ all around
I pray they take me off the ground
I know I got one lookin’ down on me (on me, on me)
I got angels flyin’ all around
I pray they take me off the ground
I know I got one lookin’ down on me, on me, on me

[Verse 2]
Standing alone in the parking lot of The Truman Show
Privy to things I never knew before
Laying flowers at the casket of a twenty-two-year-old me
It sound unusual, but listen death is beautiful, see
Nothing grows until it finally dies
And you don’t ever find the truth until you find the lies (well)
Now that I’ve–started pulling the strings, some things are unraveling
And I don’t like what I’m seeing but yet I proceed (deconstruction)
This the moment I hold it all in question
It’s terrifying ’cause there ain’t nothing to rest in
The sense of a lost direction, it’s messy but still I press
And I’m desperate to find the answer, I can’t go on with the guessing
Did 81 percent of the people I call my brethren
Put an elephant in the room and say it was Heaven-sent?
I don’t know what Bible you reading, what God you believe in
But that don’t sound like reason, it sound like you sleeping
So I’m leaving, this my Last Supper who treatin’?
Take a stand for the knee and your Nikes still creasin’
I let it all fall apart then I took the pieces
Reconstructing everything I once believed in, yeah

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Kodak Black – Kicking In Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And twelve of us, recordin’ myself
Fuck it let the beat rock
Just please don’t let the beat stop
And you don’t even need to knock
I don’t care if it never drop

[Verse 1]
Just felt my heartbeat
Just felt my heartbeat
Just felt my heartbeat
Cause I’m heart of the projects
I was baptized on the block
No more orange pop, I’m drinkin’ holy water
I could’ve swore I felt somethin’ beatin’ me
I run away from love when it get too deep
I’m scared to love you back ’cause I might love too deep
I don’t wanna love you, girl, ’cause I won’t love you deep
Valentine, packin’ 9, my lady want a dinner day
I ain’t have no time so I just took the bitch to Steak ‘n Shake
The beat it got me in my feelings, vibin’ to the rhythm
My ears a symphony but I don’t show no sympathy
Don’t let ’em kill your self esteem, they tryna kill your dignity
Niggas out here gamblin’ wit they lives for some publicity
Damn, left my heart in these streets, I left the trick to treat
I’m scarred, lost my conscience to the block, it’s feelin’ good to sleep
And I don’t need no court sentence
I love this beat so much I hope the Lord in it
Dreads in my head and they look like Devil horns in it
All my niggas be up in the business like them dorks in it
Drippin’ on ’em, like a dinosaur I be so vintage
Drippin, you can’t get these in the store, yeah I’m so different
My clothes and my hoes different
These days I don’t know what I’m spendin’
These days I don’t know what I’m gettin’
I got blood on my Givenchy
Video vixen, so much bitches, these days I don’t know what I’m hittin’
I don’t even know what I’m sippin’, I just know it’s kickin’ in
Holler if you feelin’ it
Lovin’ and I’m thuggin’ ’cause they both go hand in hand
Thuggin’ cross the country, from the US to Switzerland
Booted like Shaquille O’Neal
You know the deal, I’m on the pill
I just tucked the .32 right in my Timberland
Holler if you feelin’ it
That jigga kickin’ in
Ain’t got no-kickin’ in
Ain’t got no-kickin’ in
Ain’t got no-kickin’ in
Holler if you feelin’ it
At the Last Supper got my plate first
At the Last Supper I got my plate first
I ain’t got no feelings