The former head of the analytical department of the KGB of the USSR Nikolai Leonov died

He began working for the KGB in the late 1950s and ended his service at the head of the analytical department of foreign intelligence. Leonov was personally acquainted with Che Guevara, brothers Fidel and Raul Castro

Nikolai Leonov

At the age of 94, the former head of the analytical department of the KGB of the USSR, retired lieutenant general Nikolai Leonov, died, RIA reported News» with reference to the source.

«Nikolai Sergeevich Leonov is gone— outstanding analyst of domestic foreign intelligence, & mdash; said the source of the agency.

Leonov was born on August 22, 1928. After graduating from MGIMO, he worked at the Foreign Literature Publishing House as a Spanish translator.

Leonov worked in the bodies of the State Security Committee (KGB) of the USSR since 1958, received a recommendation to work in foreign intelligence.

Since 1961 until 1968 he was on a long-term business trip in Mexico under the cover of the 3rd secretary of the embassy.

In 1971, Leonov became deputy head of the information and analytical department of foreign intelligence. In September 1983, he was appointed deputy chief of intelligence, and in 1990-1991 Leonov headed the analytical department of the KGB of the USSR.

Leonov left the KGB after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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According to the SVR website, even while studying at the intelligence school, Leonov went on business trips to Mexico and Cuba to establish contacts with the “revolutionary leadership”; and successfully completed this task. Later, he went on short-term business trips abroad to Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, and other countries on the instructions of Soviet intelligence.

Leonov was personally acquainted with Che Guevara, Fidel and Raul Castro and other leaders of the revolutionary movement in the region.


Since 1994, he taught modern history at MGIMO, in 2003 he became a deputy of the State Duma of the RF IV convocation from the Motherland bloc.

For his activities in the KGB, Leonov was awarded the Order of the October Revolution, two orders of the Red Banner of Labor, the Order of the Red Star and many medals, as well as badges “Honorary State Security Officer” and “For service in intelligence.”

His name is inscribed on the Board of Honor of the Hall of Foreign Intelligence History. In 1994, his book “The Hard Times” was published.

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