J Kennelley – Bad Influence lyrics

[Verse 1]
J Kennelley baby yea
Half past
Seven o’clock an
Nobody talkin
Then you jus walked in
Hopin dat I can pop it
Louis V rockin
Said she jus stopped in
Flexin got bandies in her little Gucci wallet
An She boutta get lit
Yea she boutta kill it
Dancin for a livin
I think I can dig it
Oouu dat bitch a sinner
Imma eat her for dinner
Gourmet bitch she a winner
And she ain’t satisfied if she ain’t gettin paper
The way she do it have every single bitch hate her
Gettin the cheddar she gettin it now An later
She ain’t no substitute nah she a principal
She ain’t ya typical
Baddie she got bad habits An I gotta have it yea

[Hook 1]
She a bad influence
Yea she a bad influence
She got me doing shit when I ain’t even wanna do it yea
Gave me a brick and told me to move it yea
Gave me a point an told me to prove it yea
But I ain’t got shit to prove I jus got time to lose
So imma savor the moment yea

[Verse 2]
Got me doin bad things
She got me doin bad shit
Wouldn’t have imagined
That I’d be doin this an that
I be goin missin fast
I’m fly man fuck all da class
I’m future fuckin the past
Dats how I do it
Dats how I do it yea
Gonna get dat Kennelley Bentley
Pourin up the Henny plenty
“Pick a genre” there’s too many
Inspired by Robyn Fenty
No boundaries why they resent me
I got my feet on the dash my hands on the cash completing the task imma get the bag so fast
Watch how I do it
Watch how I do it yea

[Hook 2]
Now imma good influence
Imma good influence
If you doin what I’m doin you gon be the truest
I’m so fuckin fluent
I’m drippin like fluid
Fuck wit me you stupid
I’m the good influence yea woo
J Kennelley
J Kennelley yea
Aye Aye
Good Influence