Jammie Hampton – Please Spend Christmas With Me lyrics

[Verse 1]
We talk about presents and parties and lights,
Santa, and Rudolph, and white winter nights.
But do you remember the things we should share,
The truth of the season, the reason we care?

I heard a sweet story from time long ago
When a child was born but not in the snow.
He was born in a stable and laid in the hay.
So what makes Christmas a special day?

The life of that boy as he grew to a man
Was the time he prepared to teach of the plan
His Father had made that’s filled with great love
To return to our home with Him above.

[Verse 2]
As a man he walked and taught all he saw,
And told them to always follow God’s law.
He shared with all the gift of his love,
So one day we all can return home above.

And what was he giv’n for the things He had done?
Oh what did we give God’s Begotten Son?
He was hated, despised, and then he was tried.
Not only that, he was then crucified!

But he rose again upon the third day
So unto all men He could come and say,
“Come follow me, death binds you no more.
I am your Savior now and evermore.”


[Verse 3]
So what’s this to do with Christmas you ask?
At Christmas is giv’n to us this one task:
To remember his birth, when he first came here
To be held and loved by his parents dear.

We each come to earth in just the same way.
So what do we lose on this one special day
To remember our Savior and how he began
His life on earth and followed God’s plan?

So during this special time of the year,
We all have the chance to open an ear,
And hear a special, silent plea:
“Oh won’t you please spend Christmas with me?”