T. Jack – Numb Lyrics (feat. A-Vert & Klow)

[Verse 1: Klow]
I said I’m lost in imitation, nigga tired of the faking
Destination ’round the world, a vacation’s what we taking
I’ve been saying, fry up on the beat just like a pan
Finest Muslim bitch with roots, she’s tracing to Iran
Open Bands what I’m prayin’ for, As-Salamu Alakyum though
Praying for the peace but niggas never seem to make it home
Really wish that I was stoned, probo always on my dome
Playing with my freedom, call my sister of the pay phone
Damn a nigga rantin’, see the rednecks out in Canton
And you know a nigga slidin’ cause the noose they get to tyin’
And a nigga scared of dying, visions of my momma crying
But I never let it happen, nigga always bout that action aye
What you need what you need for the bands huh?
Palm reader see the vision through my hands, yeah
Good p*ssy stretch it like a rubber band
Wanna call me Superman but nigga I ain’t write to Stan

[Verse 2: A-vert]
Said I see you on the ground with that ass, girl let me come through I don’t usually like to ask
No it’s really on you, I don’t need to smash ’cause baby I got options
Can’t be boxed in
I could beat it up like we motherf*ckin’ boxin’
Know I’m ten toes like, what the f*ck my socks in? I mean
What the f*ck in my socks? I done bought the barn like chicken pox
And I came from, sleeping on a cot

And I came from, sleeping on a couch
Get my name out yo mouth
Just gone pull up with that bounce
Used to pull up with them ounces, I ain’t get allowance til I…
(til I, til I)
Went and brought the pound in now I’m plottin…
Chauffeur and accountant
Heard faith can move a mountain
Give me change like a fountain

[Verse 3: T. Jack]
Focused on my riches
Gave me signs but then i missed it
Wrapped me up like stitches and she jumped inside my britches
Different perspective and angles, it’s a different vision
I can see it clearer but I don’t know what I’m missing
I’m too clean up in the kitchen like I’m washing dishes
I just really want it alI guess I’m too ambitious *uh*
Really crazy it’s familiar faces on my hit list
I’m inside my bag man they wish that they could get this
If you f*cking with us put a price up on ya soul (on ya soul)
Beating all the odds, I can’t find a better goal
Tryna break the mold, leave the pieces on the floor
Heard they creeping ‘fore we light up, gone and lock the door (gone and lock it)
So much on my mind, tell me what you wanna know
Expiration on my patience, this shit getting old
Take you back a year and I’m so numb that I can’t feel my toes
Just a year later I can’t find my heart like where’d it go