Mike Stud – Big Man Lyrics

This is what I wanted to do
This is what I wanted to do

She off white like Virgil, get good brain like Urkel
She loves Steve I’m certain, she loves me I’m certain
Circle tight like virgins, my crib like the circus
My room got no curtains, but I did that on purpose
Cause fuck the neighbors what I’m sayin’ while I’m fuckin’ ’em
I can fuck with everybody sayin’ fuck ’em
Fool me, I can’t change nothing, different day but it’s the same subject
Barely see the light of day, never leave the house, somehow it rains money
Yeah, got a late start but I’m aging well
I don’t play much but I play the well
I don’t take much but I take it well
You too straight, don’t chase the real, can’t chase the real
Ya, I’m tryna get it while I’m here but I’m fuckin’ (?) like I’m Dave Chappell
Well, spent last year in a lawn chair
It’s quite clear we belong here
Even my weed went Hollywood
With all these crystals and long hair
Can’t get broke, but I left rich
Now I’m out in Bel Air like I’m Fresh Prince
In 2017 got my numbers right
Got seven bathrooms and a 10 bitch

Big man on campus, big man on campus
Big man on campus, big man, big man
Big man on campus, yeah, big man on campus