Young Lito – Go Time (In Due Time Mixtape)

I said a young nigga stressed
My chain ain’t the only real shit up on my chest
I’m gettin’ sour looks, still a young nigga fresh
Double workin’ overtime, but a young nigga blessed (amen)
And lately I don’t know who to trust
It’s just me, myself and I and we all doin’ us
I’m just tryna stay alive with my hands out of cuffs
But when I ain’t in the streets, then I feel out of touch
And I hear niggas talkin’ foul when I’m out of town
Soon as I touch down, I don’t hear a sound
Niggas ain’t givin’ mugs, niggas givin’ pounds
Cause they know I won’t hesitate to put ’em in the ground, for real
If you know me then you know the deal
And know what I’m goin’ through then you know how I feel
I only got one gear, I don’t know how to chill
Hov told me to relax, let’s get to the mils
I will, but shit just got me upset
I lost my man and the cops treat me like I’m a suspect
And on Instagram and shit, I get enough threats
But they ain’t bussin’ no moves, just sendin’ tough texts
Shit got my moms worried, this what she fear
Ds at the door, she yell I’m not there
Just like I’m still trappin’, man, shit all weird
She don’t want me out late, now she all scared
I be damned, mama, they know who I am, mama
Them boys food, I eat ’em just like your ham, mama
On Thanksgivin’, toys on me, but ain’t kiddin’
We been through worse, this shit light like Blake Griffin
There’s no danger, R.I.P. Banga
Free the boy Ave, them crackers is tryna hang ya
Just watched the news, I see that they tryna blame ya
But you know how I play, I’m slidin’ just like a Ranger
Cut the head off a snake, one grow in its place
Feelin’ like the Black Mamba when he wore number 8
Nobody safe, it’s no passes, just shootin’
Straight savage, and y’all lookin’ like the Raptors
Again free T-Roy, but we’re not alike
I’m more like Bruce Leroy, mixed with a D-Boy
And sho’nuff, your boy glowed up
Pressure make diamonds, and mine all froze up
It’s no chucc
Ti-ti-time to put my cleats in the dirt
Gotta come off the bench and give niggas that work
I’m Tom Brady when Drew Bledsoe got hurt
Had to get out my feelings and get in my Birk (that’s my bag)
Sorry for the delay, but I’m ready to play
Honestly, I was sick and had nothin’ to say
Lost my girl and my homeboy in the same day
She came back and he can’t, that’s where the pain weigh
Rob told me don’t rap it if it ain’t from the heart (Rob Mark!)
But this shit from my soul, I wrote this in the dark
They tellin’ me not to stop, yo I ain’t even start
My life really a movie, man, this is a part
These other dudes is actors, this my real life
I never been a fraud, tell me what it feel like
Can’t front, without bro, it don’t feel right
But like a Harvard grad, my future is real bright
Cut the head off a snake, one grow in its place
Feelin’ like Brady way before they knew he was great
But I won’t deflate, it’s no passes, just shootin’
Straight savage, and I’m ready for you bastards
It’s go time

We in Banga Fresh’s home
Young Lito man, next in charge, man

Derek Minor – Judo (Reflection Album) letras

[Verse 1]
Candy crush flow unlocked a new level
And I am burying beats, I got a new shovel
You trying to win this rat race but get no medals
My only competition’s Minor, so the battle’s – large
Either way I know I still won
Still bragging on the father like a proud son
That’s the only solution to fix where I’m from
Drunk off violence and they taking shots of red rum (that’s murder)
That’s ghetto life, like Rick James
My beat sound like what the five fingers say to the face
They like, why you so aggressive, I guess it’s
That Michigan in me, that country Tennessee in me
But I’m ok for your pupils, I’ll just open up their pupils
Two things that’s very crucial, I’m safe I’m not unusual
That’s my: I’m not a scary black guy tone
In my zone, let’s get it on, I’m bout to kick it off like judo

Judo x3
I’m bout to kick it off like judo
Judo x2
I’m in my zone, let’s get it on, I’m bout to kick it off like judo
[Verse 2]
(Let’s get it)
I reflect God and his greatness
And I’m going harder than the pavement
Still underground like a basement
This year all my dogs going crazy
Created in the image of the great one, so you could never make
I make em get another appraisal when they underestimate us
Let’s go ahead and get it crack a lackin’. hit the booth I’m like a yellow jacket
Spit ammunition when I get to snapping, like a yopper yopper, Get to yaking, yaking
Another one like DJ Khaled, a major key, to make the heat, to make em sing
They make believe, I hear all the lies that they make up, Maybe it’s makebelieve
Like I’m a do it all for what the paper bring
I’m not a slave, you ain’t chaining me
Promise I’mma die for what I believe
Go head take a shot, go on aim at me
I tell, what I’m told, in the text, that I read
Just like it is I don’t filter a thing
Nothing’s off limits, you won’t box me in like a Christmas present
Better get the message (whoo)
I’m Jackie Chan, I’m Jet Li, this my dojo
Bruce Leroy with no fro, RMG in go mode, this Minor

Judo x3
I’m bout to kick it off like judo
Judo x2
I’m in my zone, let’s get it on, I’m bout to kick it off like judo

Judo x3
I’m in my zone, let’s get it on, I’m bout to kick it off like –
Judo x2