Japan saw a threat in military cooperation between China and Russia in Asia

Military cooperation and joint exercises between China and Russia have exacerbated security concerns in East Asia, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said, Reuters reported.

“Japan is surrounded by countries that possess or develop nuclear weapons , and openly ignore the rules of the world. The joint military actions of these two strong military powers will undoubtedly raise the concern of neighboring countries, — he said.

According to him, if the trend continues, “East Asia could become Ukraine tomorrow.”

Russia and China have been conducting active military-technical cooperation for many years, and also regularly conduct joint exercises. So, in August, the north-west of the PRC hosted joint military exercises of Russia and China “West/Interaction”; 2021″, 10 thousand military personnel of both countries took part in them. In May, Russian Tu-95MS and Chinese bombers conducted joint air patrols over the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan and the East China Sea.

In early June, The Washington Post, citing Chinese and American officials, reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed his closest advisers to figure out how to provide financial assistance to Russia without violating Western sanctions. At the same time, the United States has repeatedly threatened to impose restrictions on China in the event of military or economic support for Russia. Beijing called the measures against Moscow unacceptable and stated that it does not circumvent sanctions, but maintains trade relations with Russia.

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The largest geopolitical crisis in relations between Russia and the West will inevitably affect regional processes in Eurasia, according to experts from the Russian International Affairs Council, the Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Fudan University. In their opinion, Russia will intensify the confrontation with the collective West, while China and other players will want to increase their presence in the Eurasian region.


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Reshetnikov urged to solve logistics issues for Russia’s “pivot” to Asia

According to the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, the current supply chains with Asian countries are more suitable for trade in raw materials, and for the development of mutual trade, Russia needs to “solve issues with logistics”

For a successful turn of Russian foreign economic activity to Asia Russia needs to solve logistics issues in a new way. About this “RIA Novosti” said Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov.

“If we are talking about the development of trade [with Asia], then we will also have to solve logistics issues. The logistics chains that exist now are suitable for trade, relatively speaking, in grain, trade in petroleum products. And as for, for example, the supply of fertilizers, here the logistics are already more complicated— where to carry, how to ship»,— the minister explained.

According to him, it is problematic to transport such cargoes through the north-west of Russia, therefore, at present, the authorities are developing the corridor north— south using the infrastructure of the southern neighbors. “There are also opportunities to use the Eurasian infrastructure, the potential of our neighbors as transit countries,” he added.

In addition, Reshetnikov announced an increase in the capacity of Russia's Far Eastern ports. “We are evaluating how ready our ports are to export all this— These are the questions we are currently working on. We need new opportunities there, including an increase in container handling,— he said.

Since the end of February, many Western companies have announced the suspension of activities in Russia, as well as the suspension of supplies. Such a decision was made, for example, by the world's largest container operator Maersk and the American logistics company UPS. Sea lines MSC, Hapag-Lloyd and Yang Ming have also suspended vessel bookings (bookings) in the direction of Russia. In addition, several dozen countries closed the skies for Russian airlines, which forced them to stop flying to the EU countries, the USA, Canada, etc.

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In turn, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov at the end of March estimated the time needed to rebuild logistics in the country at “three, maximum six months.” According to him, distribution channels during this time will be reoriented to those countries that are ready to buy Russian products and supply their own to Russia.

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The Guardian called a “shock” the redirection of Russian exports from the EU to Asia

The newspaper believes that economic sanctions against Russia will affect the rest of the world. In particular, the publication believes that the redirection of oil and gas exports from the EU and the US to Asia will be an “economic shock”

The reorientation of Russian energy exports from American and European markets to Asia would be an “economic shock”, writes the Guardian.

In the article, the newspaper reflected the editors' view on the imposition of sanctions against Russia because of the military operation in Ukraine. In general, the publication believes that the economic restrictions imposed against Russia will seriously affect the rest of the world.

“Russia's importance to the world goes beyond its size as the world's 11th largest economy. The reorientation of Russian exports of oil, gas and coal from the US and the EU to Asian importers would be a big economic shock,— writes the newspaper.

The publication recalled Russia's decision to accept payments for gas supplies in rubles from “unfriendly countries”. “High oil and gas prices will drive investment back into the extractive industries, which could lead to a reversal of the clean energy [production] trend,” newspaper adds.

She also recalls that about 25 African countries import more than a third of their wheat from Russia or Ukraine. The United Nations Development Unit has warned that poor countries are facing, if not uprisings, at least “profound social discomfort,” writes the Guardian.

In addition, the publication admits that Russia may develop new technologies in order to “break out of the geopolitical cage.” The Guardian recalled that before the First World War, Germany tried to cope with Britain's restrictions on submarine cable networks by developing wireless technology. “Today, Russia may step up plans to [develop] a 'sovereign internet' to avoid US surveillance,” writes the newspaper.

Western countries, including the United States, Canada, the EU, Australia, Japan, began to impose sanctions against Russia due to the military operation in Ukraine, which began on February 24 . The country's energy sector, financial, aviation and shipbuilding, and the rocket and space industry fell under the sanctions. In addition, personal sanctions were imposed against politicians, officials, the military, businessmen, top managers of large companies, employees of state channels.

Against the background of restrictions, the European Union said that it was trying to reduce dependence on Russian energy supplies as soon as possible. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell admitted that the bloc could refuse Russian gas in two years.

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US concerned about China’s military preparations in Asia

U.S. Admiral: 'We are witnessing China's biggest power build-up since World War II'

U.S. Admiral John C. Aquilino claims China has fully militarized three islands in South China sea. According to the naval commander, Beijing is showing its military muscles by deploying fighter jets, anti-ship systems and other military installations on the islands.

Photo: pixabay.com

China has fully militarized at least three of the several islands it has built in the South China Sea, armed with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missile systems, laser and jamming equipment, and fighter jets. The move by Beijing was described by a senior US military leader as “an increasingly aggressive move that threatens all countries in the vicinity.”

The US commander in the Indo-Pacific, Admiral John Aquilino, said the hostile action was in stark contrast to Chinese President Xi Jinping's past assurances that Beijing would not turn artificial islands in contested waters into military bases. The effort, he said, was part of China's display of its military muscle.

“Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed China's largest military build-up since World War II, – Aquilino said in an interview with The Associated Press, using the initials of China's official name. – They have advanced all their capabilities, and this build-up of weapons is destabilizing the region.

There were no immediate comments from Chinese officials. Beijing claims its military preparations are purely defensive in nature and designed to protect what it calls its sovereign rights. But after years of increased military spending, China now boasts the world's second-largest defense budget behind the US and is rapidly upgrading its forces with weapons systems including the J-20 stealth fighter, hypersonic missiles and two aircraft carriers, with a third aircraft carrier in Under construction.

Aquilino spoke to The Associated Press aboard a US Navy reconnaissance aircraft that flew near Chinese-held outposts in the Spratly archipelago in the South China Sea, one of the world's most contested regions. While on patrol, the P-8A Poseidon was repeatedly warned by the Chinese that it had illegally entered what they said was Chinese territory, and the aircraft was ordered to leave.

“China has sovereignty over the Spratly Islands as well as the adjacent maritime areas. Stay away immediately to avoid trouble, – said in one of the harsh radio messages with a veiled threat.

However, the US Navy aircraft ignored numerous warnings and defiantly continued its reconnaissance in brief but tense moments witnessed by two AP journalists invited on board. “I am a United States naval aircraft with sovereign immunity that conducts legitimate military activities outside the national airspace of any coastal state,” – an American pilot radioed to the Chinese.

“The exercise of these rights is guaranteed by international law, and I act with due regard for the rights and obligations of all states,” – said the pilot.

Naval Commander Joel Martinez, who led the crew of the P-8A Poseidon, said the incident occurred when a Chinese aircraft flew close to a US aircraft, making a dangerous maneuver in a disputed area. According to him, the American flight crew reminded the Chinese of observing the rules of aviation security.

When the P-8A Poseidon flew near the reefs occupied by the Chinese, some of them showed high-rise buildings, warehouses, hangars, seaports, runways and radars.

Aquilino said the construction of missile arsenals, aircraft hangars, radar systems and other military installations on Mischief, Subi Reef and Fire Cross reefs appears to have been completed, but it remains to be seen if China will continue to build military infrastructure in other areas.

“The function of these islands – to expand the offensive capabilities of the PRC beyond its continental coasts, – he said. – They can fly fighters, bombers, and all those offensive capabilities of missile systems.

The American admiral said that any military or civilian aircraft flying over the disputed waterway could easily fall into the range of the missile system of the Chinese islands.

“So that's the threat that exists, that's why the militarization of these islands is so worrying , – he said. – They threaten all countries that operate nearby, as well as all international sea and airspace.

China has sought to bolster its vast territorial claims across virtually the entire South China Sea by building island bases on coral atolls nearly a decade ago. The US responded by sending its warships through the region in what it called “freedom of action missions.” The United States does not claim the region itself, The Guardian writes, but has used Navy ships and aircraft for decades to patrol and ensure free navigation in international waterways and airspace.

China usually objects to any action by the US military in the region. Other parties – Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei – claim all or part of the waters through which about $5 trillion worth of goods are transported annually.

Admiral Aquilino said that despite China's actions, protracted territorial conflicts should only be resolved peacefully, and as a good example referred to the Philippine government's successful move to submit its disputes with China to international arbitration in 2013.

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Media learned about unexpected consequences of US LNG tanker turnover from Asia to Europe

The current situation with the tankers was ridiculed by the host of Channel One, Artem Sheinin.

Recently, the Western press began to actively write that the United States will save Europe from the gas crisis.

The reason for such joy was the turn of American LNG tankers from Asia to Europe, to which the market immediately responded by falling prices for gas. However, after a few hours, prices went up again.

According to media reports, the EU met the news about the turnover of tankers, and the press fell on & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; with accusations of another round of price increases amid the termination of supplies through the Polish pipe.

However, then it became clear that the morning drop in gas prices on the market was due precisely to the reaction of investors to the reversal of American tankers.

Initially, this was seen as a new trent in deliveries, but in reality it is not.

As stated by the deputy director of the Institute of National Energy Alexander Frolov, & # 8220; mass reversal & # 8221; tankers actually happened at only two vessels.

In addition, he stressed that even with astronomical gas prices in Europe, American LNG will not be able to provide Europe in full.

Asian consumers, in turn, reinsured themselves by entering into long-term contracts so that what is now observed in Europe does not happen to them.

It is known that three-quarters of all LNG is supplied to Asia, and only the rest can end up in The EU, however, does not exert a significant influence on the energy situation there, reports & # 8220; Vzglyad & # 8221 ;.

The situation with the turn of tankers and the reaction to this in Europe has caused ridicule of the host of & # 8220; Channel One & # 8221; Artem Sheinin.

He considered the situation absurd and said that the Europeans provoked their own fuel crisis by not wanting to sign long-term contracts with & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221 ;. Now, according to the TV presenter, he noted the absurdity of the situation.

& # 8220; Well, they bred Indians into beads. Why do they breed you as Indians? & # 8221; & # 8211; gave Chenini a historical example in the studio of the show & # 8220; Time will tell & # 8221 ;.

To this, the Czech expert Jiri Yust accused Moscow of gas supply violations and said that the US was allegedly trying to level the gas shortage in Europe.

However, Shenin recalled how Putin called on Europe to sign long-term contracts, but since this did not happen, Europe's gas storages were literally empty.

Previously, TopNews wrote about that & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; suspended the transit of gas to Germany. The temporary interruption of supplies occurred on the gas pipeline & # 8220; Yamal-Europe & # 8221 ;.

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Anderson .Paak – Bubblin’ lyrics

Look at you go
Okay you bubblin’
Look at you go
Okay you bubblin’

One in the hand
One in the bag
Look at the cash
Look at the cash
Comin’ in
Come get your man
This lil’ nigga buggin’ me
Just need a bag
Quit all that jaw-jackery
Don’t need to pass me that
I don’t want none of it (yeah)
These niggas mad about it
Had enough of it, whoa
Watch what you’re sayin’
All that poppin’ ‘n shakin’
Got me hot as a laser
My posse deep in our rating
We act a fool for the paper
Had a dream and I made it
El Camino on Dayton’s
Bitch it’s Guess over Bape
Put the bread on me bitch
Bitch you bet Imma bake it
Think you flatter than bacon
I might just roll out today
I might just roll out to Vegas
Head back to my old ways
Pop the roof from the Asia
Hoes and do blow all day

Look at me baby
Look at me baby
Don’t I look like a million
I’m ’bout to clean out the safe

Dont I look like somebody that just be bodyin’ everything
All that talkin is great but now don’t be talkin’ now air it out
All the problems have gotten easy to bury
I’d rather drown in them in Hendrick’s
I’d rather kiss all my mary (????)

I been broker way longer than I been rich so until it levels out
Imma take your mama to the Marriott and wear it out
Took me so long to get it
Gonna spread it out
Let ’em know all about it when I’m dead and gone

One in the hand
One in the bag
Bubblin’ (look at you go)
One in the hand
One in the bag
Bubblin’ (look at you go)
Look at the cash
Look at the cash
Bubblin’ (okay you bubblin’)
Look at the cash (look)
Bubblin’ (go)

One in the hand (look)
One in the hand (go)
One in the hand
One in the bag
Bubblin’ (look at you go)
Look at the cash
Look at the cash
Bubblin’ (okay you bubblin’)
Look at the cash (look)

[Verse 2]
Imma need all the fries you can give me
All the hot sauce, all the pie you can give me
Better be all in that, you don’t have me in the middle
You better be all you can, get high in a minute
Superfly for the Dumbos
[?] like a shuffle
Hit the cadence with my young bitch
Isaac Hayes, Billy Ocean
But the ol’ hoe with the cane stick
Left my slippers at the function
It’s hard to run in Gucci slides
She got that she say you didn’t have a husband
Imma stand no cuckold
Jackie Chan no travel
Can’t kill me with a beat
Blood drippin’ from the cutthroats
No Lord, not me, I can never be the one you wanna stunt for
Money money that machine
Guns spray the Ferragamo store
R.I.P. the times that I was broke
Actin’ like the 9-11 folks
Mad back, lick it clean
Dead prisoners in an envelope
Cookin up [?] waitin for the antidote
Runnin’ outta town
Patience thinner than a pantyhose

One in the hand
One in the bag
Bubblin’ (look at you go)
One in the hand
One in the bag
Bubblin’ (look at you go)
Look at the cash
Look at the cash
Bubblin’ (okay you bubblin’)
Look at the cash (look)
Bubblin’ (go)

One in the hand (look)
One in the hand (go)
One in the hand
One in the bag
Bubblin’ (look at you go)
Look at the cash
Look at the cash
Bubblin’ (okay you bubblin’)
Look at the cash (look)

Ermal Meta – Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente (feat. Fabrizio Moro) lyrics

[Strofa 1: Ermal Meta]
A Il Cairo non lo sanno che ore sono adesso
Il sole sulla Rambla oggi non è lo stesso
In Francia c’è un concerto, la gente si diverte
Qualcuno canta forte, qualcuno grida “A morte”
A Londra piove sempre ma oggi non fa male
Il cielo non fa sconti neanche a un funerale
A Nizza il mare è rosso di fuochi e di vergogna
Di gente sull’asfalto e sangue nella fogna

[Strofa 2: Fabrizio Moro]
E questo corpo enorme che noi chiamiamo Terra
Ferito nei suoi organi dall’Asia all’Inghilterra
Galassie di persone disperse nello spazio
Ma quello più importante è lo spazio di un abbraccio
Di madri senza figli, di figli senza padri
Di volti illuminati come muri senza quadri
Minuti di silenzio spezzati da una voce
Non mi avete fatto niente

[Ritornello: Ermal Meta]
Non mi avete fatto niente
Non mi avete tolto niente
Questa è la mia vita che va avanti
Oltre tutto, oltre la gente
Non mi avete fatto niente
Non avete avuto niente
Perché tutto va oltre le vostre inutili guerre

[Strofa 3: Fabrizio Moro]
C’è chi si fa la croce, chi prega sui tappeti
Le chiese e le moschee, gli imam e tutti i preti
Ingressi separati della stessa casa
Miliardi di persone che sperano in qualcosa

[Strofa 4: Ermal Meta]
Braccia senza mani, facce senza nomi
Scambiamoci la pelle, in fondo siamo umani
Perché la nostra vita non è un punto di vista
E non esiste bomba pacifista

[Ritornello: Fabrizio Moro]
Non mi avete fatto niente
Non mi avete tolto niente
Questa è la mia vita che va avanti
Oltre tutto, oltre la gente
Non mi avete fatto niente
Non avete avuto niente
Perché tutto va oltre le vostre inutili guerre
Le vostre inutili guerre

[Strofa 5: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro]
Cadranno i grattacieli, le metropolitane
I muri di contrasto alzati per il pane
Ma contro ogni terrore che ostacola il cammino
Il mondo si rialza col sorriso di un bambino
Col sorriso di un bambino
(Col sorriso di un bambino)

[Ritornello: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro]
Non mi avete fatto niente
Non avete avuto niente
Perché tutto va oltre le vostre inutili guerre
Non mi avete fatto niente
Le vostre inutili guerre
Non mi avete tolto niente
Le vostre inutili guerre
Non mi avete fatto niente
Le vostre inutili guerre
Non avete avuto niente
Le vostre inutili guerre

[Outro: Fabrizio Moro & Ermal Meta]
Sono consapevole che tutto più non torna
La felicità volava
Come vola via una bolla

P Money – Kings & Aces Lyrics

[Verse 1: P Money]
My mind is on fire ’cause when I write bars down
I swear to God, I burn the paper
P money merks like a new shape A-Class
So powerful, no hero could save ya
My mind is so creative
It’s like having the thoughts of a scientist and a painter
Out on the roads from day to day still
Make dough like a ba-ba-baker
I keep doing the flows and running the roads
Until my fans spread out across Asia
P Money’s gone, I’m the south side saviour
Can’t catch me, I’m a quick gear changer
Not normal, I’m special like the guy that was born in a manger
Slow down, do yourself a favour
Don’t get due of cheesy like a Quaver
‘Cause I’m hot like your girl’s hair straightner
I know why man wants to be a hater
‘Cause my mixtape’s dope like an action film
And this sick bar is [?]
These bars, they will blaze ya
I will make you wanna change sides like a traitor
You could be fast like a Formula car
I’ll bring the car to a halt like an engine failure

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

[Verse 2: Castro]
Okay, yeah, let me explain something to you fam, yeah, yeah I’m exceptional
So expect nothing but excellence out of this intellectual
C4, he’s controversial
Still underground, not commercial
On the Underground, shotting commercial
More white powder than a box of Percil
When I step in the club, more bums get slapped than a Asda commercial
Hoes jump in the whip and we zoom, zoom, zoom like the Mazda commercial
Straight to the telly, no spitting bars
Straight to the belly, whipping off bras
Gal tried come drink off my Henny and not give me any, she better strip fast

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

[Verse 3: Blacks]
You’re not a bad boy man, I know bad boys
Calm down, why you acting like that?
[?] you don’t act like that
Fake but I won’t say back any fact
It’s me, it’s Blacks, it’s me, it’s Blacks
I’m normal but they think that I’m bad
I’m like “Rah, how fucked is that?”
They just hear me and they reload me back
Don’t even come show with no strap
Make sure [?] are holding
Don’t run out ’cause you’ll be holding
Lick it down, with your boys all pile up
Blacks is so sick, I bet I get signed up
You’re jack in a box, man don’t get wind up
Are you dumb?

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

[Verse 4: [?]]
Yo, slow down, yeah
Look, I heard your tunes on Logan’s show and all you’re talking about is clapping a tool
Then I done research on your pricks, I find out you ain’t got backs like a stool
I’m on this music ting, I’m gonna take these emcees back into school
Imagine these guys all back into sports, all back in their shorts, all catching a ball
They think I’m slipping, [?] ain’t slipping, [?] ain’t lacking at all
New Year’s Eve, I was in my yard
On my ones, writing bars
You man were having a ball
Spending money and acting a fool
Think I’m talking shit, blud you’re a walking prick, why you acting a fool?

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

[Verse 5: Vortex]
Don’t think I’m not about it, I’ve got [?]
Suck your mum sideways, I’m gonna shout it
I’m about it, about it
How’s this get [?]
I’m a better person [?]
But watch if I flip though
Jump in the skip bro
If you wanna skip bro
Watch how it flips though
Hammer this big
Justice bit
Blud just spit
[?] (Come outside if you’re bad enough)
Watch me get [?]
[?] will have it, I’ll slap him like magic
Go back to business
‘Cause [?]

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

Big Sean – Inspire Me Lyrics

You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
Can’t go wrong (this one’s for you, you, you)
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me (you, you, you)

[Verse 1]
You tried to keep me away from temptation
Introduced me to The Temptations
Marvin Gaye and Isley Brothers
Dancing so hard the living room shaking
Yeah we dance in the house
My mama’s the man of the house
Mama you too good for them men
Even dad, you too good for him
Mama you know you inspire me
You deserve early retirement
You text me, tell me to take my vitamins
When I got a new love you invite ’em in
When we break up, you don’t like ’em then (no)
Loyal, loyal, swear you super loyal
Worth more to me than striking oil
You deserve the life I’m tryna show ya
I remember all of the sacrifices
Growing up in debt, but never hungry
Rich in everything except money
That’s that faith that you can’t buy
But I buy that new crib, you look right in it
I buy that new car in the color that you like it in
And play my song every single time you drive in it
That’s ’cause you inspired it (yeah)

You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
Can’t go wrong, wrong, wrong
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me

[Verse 2]
I know it’s hard to get me on the line
I’m busy like every other time
Since I got a house in that other town
You wonder when I’ma come around
I know you worry about me
I give you attitude like, “Don’t worry ’bout it”
Don’t hit ya up like I don’t care about you
But I hold you down, I swear I got you
I know I got problems communicating
I probably should’ve went to school
And got that degree in communications
I should be with you on vacation
I should take you where you should be taken
Asia, Africa, Dubai, anything you want, I do buy
Just want you to know I do try
To take care of ya, mama you the one, you the one
You the moon, you the stars, you the sun
I’m so happy I’m your son
I’m so happy I’m your son
You love me since day one
Since before day one
So before the day’s done
I gotta, gotta let you know

You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
Can’t go wrong, wrong, wrong
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me

Look, mama, you know you inspire me
If I ever made you not feel like it, then this is my apology
So sorry, look, dear mama you know your son shine for ya
I’m Sean for ya, my lady
Don’t you ever let ’em talk to you crazy
Anything for the fam, how you raise me
I’m yo baby but you still my baby

Russ – The Best Party

Honolulu views sippin on some fresh guava
Bumping always knew and thinkin’ ’bout my next comma
I put my thoughts into the world until they come true
You chase women I’m the one that they run to
"Russ moves smart this is something you could learn from"
Rappers pay attention maybe you can finally earn something
Low overhead, I don’t need other people
Cause everybody on my team is two other people
I remember imagining livin’ how I’m livin’
Now everything is extravagant
Jets rolexs, new women, new deals
Can’t let the fake game try to tell you who’s real
Cause they gon’ try to but you gotta see through shit
You don’t have to sell your soul, I’m the proof
This is millionaire weed, kush like Regis
I sound like an angel and I look like Jesus
That’s what the women tell me
Fuck it imma run with it
You ain’t gonna get the throne back until I’m done with it
Money flow like water, yea I’m getting Fiji checks
I’m huge in Honolulu, no wonder why Kiki (Waikiki) left
I’m detached from anything y’all attached too
I’m in n out with my groupies like fast food
Who’s the greatest say Russ when they ask you
I sell out shows quick enough to always add two
I laugh too cause some promoters are slackin
But shoutout Cara Lewis always gets me a backend
Meaning you can sleep but we got that covered
You blew up in the spring and you were gone that summer
Money at my feet life’s a cake walk
They love me out in Asia you would think I made K Pop
Too many j kwons, not enough Raekwon’s
Rappers use the same beat and flow and make the same song
I swear the last few months have been the best few months
I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months
And I can tell you only come around when success does
You only check for me when a check does
Ten blunts couldn’t get you higher than me
Cause I’m high off becoming what I aspired to be
You outdated like shirts by Ed Hardy
You know they always show up late to the best party