Sohu: Russian Aerospace Forces planes “drove by the nose” US aviation in Alaska

Photo source: video screen.

Chinese journalists reported that in response to the activity of American military aviation on the borders of the Russian Federation, Russian pilots decided not to sit in a deep defense and repaid the enemy with the same coin.

Ordinary Moscow, in response to flights near its territory, has to lift fighters into the air and intercept aliens. However, according to the Chinese edition Sohu, the game can be played together. The translation of their article was published by PolitRussia.

Recently, Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS entered the zone of operation of American air defense systems in the North Pacific. They several times approached the airspace of Washington in Alaska.

“The Tu-95MS bomber is one of the most important military aircraft in Russia. It can carry cruise missiles with a range of up to 2000 kilometers, and is also capable of playing the role of a carrier of nuclear weapons and using it to destroy the most important strategic targets of the enemy, “analysts noted.

The Pentagon maintains a large number of fifth fighters in Alaska generation F-22. They were lifted into the air to meet the Russian bombers for escort. However, the pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces did not change course and each time they simply bypassed the obstacle in their path. For several hours they “took the Americans by the nose”. The Russians managed to break through the barrier and spend several hours in the US air defense identification zone.

Military analysts called the actions of the Americans “a complete failure”, because they proved their complete uselessness in air battles.

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