Smino – New Coupe, Who Dis? lyrics

(feat. Mick Jenkins)


[Bridge: Smino]
Voulez-vous cou’, we cut like filet mignon
Shia Lebouf give me nothin’ but gold
Cold bitch she wet like MIchigan
Fully loaded cage that ear
I work like a Mexican
Bad lil’ hoe your trap by hoe
Ain’t got a lotta tick can’t talk right now

[Hook: Smino]
I pull up (creepin’), new coupe (beamin’), who dis? (schemin’)
Watchin’ TV in the headrest (this is automatic), lay down
I pull up (creepin’), new coupe (Bimmer), who dis? (schemin’)
Watchin’ TV in the headrest (what your lil ass be watchin’?), lay down

[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins]
Killing these niggas stylistically, it’s a crack rock for ’em
He speak facts with the Caps Lock on
Hit ’em in the purse
I know swearing hurts worst, excuse my language
I know the true sound like curse words, excuse my singing
I know that I may sound like hurt birds, all of these C-notes
Lazy I, fly plaid shirt, he look like Deebo
Lift a brick, came up out the dirt with my people
Ignorant, only ’cause you looking through a peephole
And I could peep game
You ‘gon need some ski poles, tryna dig through these flows
Could avalanche, but refrain
What the fuck is a co-sign
That sound like a new fan
Fam I been in this shit you acting like I just grew hands
Grip that bitch with two hands and blow off a limb in this bitch
Space coupe I feel like Invader Zim in this bitch
Pulled up in the black on black silk wrap like a new perm
Ten percent tints hope twelve don’t U-turn
Way too much piff in these G-star
Lowkey pulling strings niggas speak bass guitar
Smino hit the sweet-talk, this is [?]

[Hook: Smino]
I don’t need
I don’t need, I don’t need, I don’t need no co-sign
I got me
A lot on, a lot on, a lot on my, my mind
They say that I beef, I done told ’em I’m refined

[Verse 2: Smino]

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