Shooting began at the presidential residence in Almaty

Shooting started near the old residence of the president in Alma-Ata, there are victims The buildings of the administration of Almaty and the old residence of the president have victims. The RBC correspondent reports on the bodies in cars and on the square

Active continuous shooting began at the presidential residence in Alma-Ata, RBC correspondent reports.

According to him, in the morning, single shots were also heard in the city center. In addition, a car is parked near the building of the akimat (local administration), where a fire had previously occurred, and there is a human corpse inside, the correspondent of RBC reports.

In addition, the bodies lie on Republic Square (it is located next to the buildings of the old residence president and akimat). After a while, they began to be removed, but the process is slow. According to the correspondent, when trying to approach the building of the akimat, the military demand to withdraw and shoot into the air.

Clashes in Almaty took place the day before. Later, in the evening, they resumed, the media published videos in which bursts of shots were heard, as well as explosions.

On Wednesday, January 5, protesters broke into the old residence of the President in Alma-Ata, then there was fire. Portal “ Vlast '' wrote about strong smoke and the explosions of flash-noise grenades.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that during special operations in the country the security forces liquidated 26 “ criminals '' and 18 more “ armed terrorists '' injured. In total, 3 thousand people were detained during the riots. Also during this time, 18 law enforcement officers were killed, another 748 were injured.

President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev stated that terrorist gangs, which were trained abroad, were operating in the republic. He also stressed that counter-terrorism actions should be continued “ until the complete destruction of the militants. ''

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