Serbia will ask the Russian Federation and NATO on the incident with the fighter and the liner

Russian flight control service warned of a certain military aircraft

Serbian authorities will send official requests to the Russian Defense Ministry and NATO regarding the incident with a fighter jet, presumably of NATO forces, which entered Russian airspace on April 6 under the guise of an Air Serbia passenger airliner. President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić spoke about this on national television.

According to the head of state, Belgrade will officially request information about this incident from Russia and NATO on April 8.

“Tomorrow we will send a request about additional information from the Russians, we will also demand information from NATO. And let's see who is being clever and posing a threat to civil aviation with fighters. Maybe this is an accident, it would be good if they explained this to us. We have the exact coordinates where this aircraft appeared” , – the President stressed.

Vučić read out the report of the Serbian pilot of the Moscow-Belgrade flight, in which it is noted that an alliance combat aircraft was flying under the passenger liner.

He also said that near the Lithuanian border, the Russian side had warned about a certain military aircraft that was near the liner. Employees of the Russian flight control service asked to visually identify him and give them information. It was a gray Phantom-15 or Eurofighter fighter.


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