Scholz urged Schroeder to leave all posts in Russia

German Chancellor Scholz called on Schroeder to leave all posts in Russia after leaving Rosneft. Gerhard Schroeder previously announced the impossibility of extending his powers on the board of directors of Rosneft. The German chancellor urged him to leave all posts in Russia

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urged Schroeder to leave all posts in Russia after leaving Rosneft, Der Spiegel reports.

“We note that this happened with one [post], more should follow”, — he said.

Schroeder was Chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005. Board of Directors of Rosneft he has been in charge since 2017. He is also Chairman of the Shareholders' Committee of Nord Stream AG, operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. In addition, in early February, Schroeder was nominated to the board of directors of Gazprom. instead of the son-in-law of the former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev Timur Kulibayev.

Schroeder left the board of directors of Rosneft May 20. The company said they understand the decision of the former chancellor.

This happened after the European Parliament proposed imposing sanctions against European board members of large Russian companies and politicians who continue to receive money from Russia. In particular, the deputies mentioned Schroeder, who, against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine, was already offered by the current German Chancellor to leave his posts in Russian state-owned companies.

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Schroeder himself stated that Russia should not isolate in the long run and German industry needs Russian resources. According to him, after the special operation in Ukraine, the West will have to interact with Russia again. summed up the former chancellor.

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