Russia was humiliated by migrants, and Russians by lack of food

Why the best video of the week won't be shown on TV

In Belarus, on the border with Poland, Russia is humiliated, on the other side of our country, citizens of entire regions complain about the lack of food, they brought a fictional deputy a real criminal case, and maybe they will start against Sobchak. This, of course, is a small fraction of what happened last week, but you can't grasp the immensity.

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We must pay tribute to our information troops – as soon as the migrant crisis began on the Belarusian-Polish border, they immediately named the perpetrators (the West) and predicted that they would designate Russia as the guilty one. The noise was raised masterfully, and so much space is allocated to it in the news, as if this is our main problem – it means that our Siberian man, after a shift, is sitting at the table and thinks: how are the migrants there, are they wearing thin socks, are they freezing? The main thing is that the next question does not occur to him – why are they not coming to us? There is no border with Belarus, they say on TV that we are living better and better, and Europe is dying without our gas and coal … But not only do they not go – among these migrants there are those who are fleeing Russia. That is, in their homeland there is war and horror, horror, but a peaceful Russia, even under such conditions, is not an option. Strange, isn't it? In fact, it is humiliating.

Although they can be understood if you read the news from our east. The easternmost regions of Russia, Sakhalin, Magadan Oblast, Kamchatka Krai and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, were left without food. In the appeal of the residents of Chukotka to President Vladimir Putin, it is said that food products – vegetables, fruits, dairy products and eggs – are in short supply in almost all settlements, for example, in Pevek, Bilibin and Provideniya. There are no cabbage, carrots, onions, apples, even potatoes are running out. Why? Market hand. If you wanted capitalism, you get it. The coastal transportation of food is not profitable for its population when the seaside ports are crammed with containers with goods from China. And here's another thing – Putin instructed to sort out and solve the problem. What if you hadn't? Would it have led to food riots?

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Right now, the authorities, for example, are busy eliminating the very possibility of asking such questions. And since the media in Russia, not yet appointed as foreign agents, are rapidly ending, they took up comedians. Because satire is annoying and makes you think. And if people think – expect trouble. This week it got to the film crew, which makes videos about the fictional deputy Nalivkin. A video showing him firing a grenade launcher at an old bus stop to demolish it, and at the same time falling down an advertising poster for “United Russia”, was released in September. It is clear that the insult to the feelings of believers in the “United Russia” could not be forgiven. And we, after all, would have a person, there would be an article. Now the director of the video project and two of his colleagues have become defendants in a criminal case – the investigation sees hooliganism with the use of explosives during filming.

I wonder if there will be a case for Ksenia Sobchak? She released an interview with businesswoman Zhanna Shamalova, who is now loudly divorcing her third billionaire husband, Kirill Shamalov. So after his release, Madame wrote a statement against Sobchak to the prosecutor's office – the TV presenter divulged the medical secret, told too much about the eggs. The interview, by the way, is very revealing – there are no people in it at all. Only calculating, dirty, albeit polished, devouring everyone and everything in their way business schemes in human form.

But the best video of the week, which will never be shown on TV and which began to actively walk on social networks, was shot unknown girl. She found a catalog of goods for a chain supermarket for 2014 and went with it to the same store. It turned out very clearly: prices for 7 years have more than doubled, and packages have decreased. Let's look together for a simple hard worker whose salary has doubled over the years.

This is a very useful video. It should be downloaded and watched every time after the speeches of our leaders, who never tire of repeating from year to year, that their main goal is to improve people's lives and increase the well-being of the people.


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