Rose Brennan – They Broke The Mold lyrics

For seven days the clock hands moved too fast,
We thought your aches and pains would surely pass,
Thought you’d smile again, that your health would mend,
That you`d come back home and our old life would go on.

We cried that Tuesday evening at the news,
An illness taking hold without a clue,
As those tear drops fell, to a Christmas bell,
Suddenly you slipped right out of view.

They broke the mould, the day that you where formed,
You touched our lives; we blinked now you are gone.

We carried you to Church on New Year’s Eve,
We couldn’t hide our sorrow or our grief,
As we laid you down, in that holy ground,
Tears from heaven fell on all who knew.

An empty space a lonely empty chair,
So hard to pass your house now you`re not there,
How we miss your smile and your carefree style,
We blinked now you are gone.

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