Roscosmos estimated the likelihood of a collision of the asteroid Apophis with the Earth

The State Corporation Roscosmos has estimated the probability of a collision of the asteroid Apophis with the Earth.

The official Telegram channel of the department notes that the results of observations of the celestial body have clarified the parameters of its orbital motion, which has increased the reliability of forecasts of its approach to the Earth.

As representatives of Roscosmos note, the information received indicates that the probability of an asteroid collision with the planet is “ very, very small. ''

It is also noted that the department received reports on the discovery of a new asteroid 2021 UL17, approaching the Earth.

According to preliminary calculations, a dangerous approach of a celestial body with the Earth may occur on April 5, 2095, but currently the current probability of collision is only 0.02%.

Earlier it was also reported that comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) on January 3 flew at a minimum distance from the Sun and left the Solar System.


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