Rocky Athas – Last Of The Blues lyrics

Had a talk with God this morning
’bout me and you.
Turned my face to the heavens and cried
“God, What am I gonna do
Without you baby
And the sweet love we had? “

He said “Stand up tall.
That’s all that you can do
And I’ll help you through
The last of your blues. “

Well, I had to believe it.
I didn’t think He’d lie.
But if that was the truth,
Why do I feel like I’m gonna die?

Why it seems the loss
Is more than I can stand.
Why it feels like I’m walking
Down dark avenues.
Like I’ll never lose
The Last of the Blues.

The time crawls slowly by
Like time sometimes does.
I might not have been in hell
But I could see it
From where I was.

Then one day I woke up
Not thinking of you.
Thought maybe I’ve seen, maybe I’ve seen
The Last of the Blues. .. Last of the Blues.

Well, I’ve heard it said
And I believe that it’s true
That when one door closes
Another opens up for you.

When that door opened
New love walked in.
And now I feel stronger
Like I’ve been renewed.
And I know that I’ve seen
The Last of the Blues.

The Last of the Blues… Last of the Blues.

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