Rick Steffen – Caribbean Blues II lyrics

The story I’m about to say – it just goes to show
How when you have A good thing – sometimes you let it go
One day the sun be shinin – your pleasures you can choose
The next day you be singin – those caribbean blues


There I was down island – my baby by my side
We had A love in the groove – that could not be denied
A man pulled up to the docks – with his fancy yacht
My baby hopped right on it – and left me on the spot

Oh…… – got those caribbean blues
You don’t know how bad it feels – til you’ got to loose
Oh… – got those caribbean blues
I’m gonna sail to my next island – and some better news

Intro + lead

Now when you travel down there – & meet those island girls
Be careful what you wish for – beneath those pretty curls
That girl there on the vessel – might look real good to you
But sooner or later – it’S the caribbean blues

Ohhh those caribbean blues
You don’T know how bad it hurts – til you’Ve got to loose
Ohhh those caribbean blues-
Gonna sail to that next island – and some better news

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