Putin reacted to Biden’s threat to impose sanctions

Kremlin: sanctions have no positive effect for either the United States or Russia The President believes that the restrictions have no positive effect either for the United States or for Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin in response to the words of his American colleague Joe Biden about possible new measures against Russia said that it is not clear why these sanctions should be imposed. This was announced by the assistant to the head of state Yuri Ushakov.

He noted that, according to Putin, the sanctions “ unfortunately do not have any positive effect either for the United States or for Russia. ''

On Tuesday, the leaders of the two countries held a video conference. During the discussion, Biden warned Putin that in the event of an escalation in Ukraine, the United States could impose economic restrictions on Russia. Putinzhe urged “ not to shift the responsibility onto the shoulders of Russia, since it is NATO that is making dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory. ''

The online summit took place against the backdrop of a discussion of the “ Russian invasion of Ukraine, '' which, as Western media reported lately, is being prepared by Moscow. The Russian side has repeatedly denied the information contained in such publications.

The US Deputy Secretary of State announced the possibility of imposing sanctions in the event of an armed conflict in Ukraine, which would “ completely cut off Russia from the global financial system, '' after talks between the heads of state. Victoria Nuland. She added that Washington expects Berlin to suspend the Nord Stream project. 2 'if Russia invades Ukraine.

Prior to that, Bloomberg wrote that the United States and the EU could impose sanctions against the largest Russian banks and RDIF. In particular, a restriction on converting rubles into other currencies is being considered. CNN also reported about possible sanctions, noting that in extreme cases Russia could be disconnected from the interbank SWIFT system.

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