Putin and Biden discuss Pearl Harbor and World War II

During the talks, the presidents of Russia and the United States discussed Ukraine, bilateral relations and cyber security. The leaders also remembered that in the Second World War the two countries were allies

The Presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden, spoke at the last talks about World War II and the attack of Japanese forces on Pearl Harbor. Yuri Ushakov, aide to the President of Russia, told reporters.

“ Biden began, on his own initiative, to recall the casualties suffered by two countries and two peoples during World War II, recalled the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He remembered that he had lost his loved ones and relatives. He was deeply moved and spoke very sincerely on this topic, '', & mdash; Ushakov said.

According to him, Putin also remembered that he had lost close relatives in that war. “ We remembered (both presidents of RBC) that our countries were allies. Both said that, perhaps, we should more often remember that we were allies and that our countries have a special responsibility for maintaining peace and stability, '' & mdash; added by the presidential aide.

The fact that Putin and Biden discussed World War II was also reported by the press service of the Russian president. “ Presidents & lt; & hellip; & gt; remembered the alliance of the two countries during the Second World War. They emphasized that the sacrifices made then should not be forgotten, and the alliance itself should serve as an example for building contacts and working together in today's realities, '' & mdash; said the Kremlin.

Talks between Putin and Biden were held on December 7 via video link. They lasted just over two hours, the leader discussed the situation in Ukraine, bilateral cooperation, strategic stability and cyber security.

Japanese armed forces attacked the American military base in Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) on December 7, 1941. The attack killed 2.4 thousand American troops, several ships were sunk and nearly 200 American aircraft were destroyed. The attack was the reason for the official entry of the United States into World War II.

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